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Bullish Journalistic Mentality


I enjoyed your visit on coast to coast am, in spite of the bullish journalistic mentality of the guest host. He didn't listen to your answers and kept interrupting you. I'm so glad you were able to finish your thoughts and views, even when he tried to take you into another direction of thought. You think he would have gotten the hint.

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Amazed and Thrilled

Beverley in Canada

I've only been listening to this show for about six months but I was amazed and thrilled that people of your caliber are able to be on the show...there's so much nonsense in the media especially now and I was delighted that people like yourself who are as I call like-minded to my own understanding are getting on shows like this and telling people like me that experiences I have had are not unique...

...after many years of struggling with "seeing things" ridicule and teasing especially as a child, I am beginning to realize what and who I am and what I can do...

.....anyway it was wonderful to hear you speak and I believe that eventually the world as a whole will awaken as people like u and others like myself are allowed to speak out without fear of more people come to accept this type of universal truth.

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Stuck Between Two Worlds


I am a very "evolved" soul, but I seem to be stuck between 2 worlds: Spirituality and Teaching Voice to singers and speakers. (I am a retired Opera Singer who never had the career that my vocal talent would indicate).

Thank you for all your sharing of your knowledge!

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Fascinating Teacher


Dear Louise,

You sound like a fascinating teacher. I'm a nurse healer interested in spiritual growth & natural healing modalities for numerous years.

Thanks so much!

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Had Also Seen" Frequency"

Sharon B.

Dear Louise,

I was fascinated by what I was able to hear of you on Coast to Coast Saturday nite-- I had also just seen "Frequency" and found it absoulutely fascinating--another movie to be proud of!

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Interpretation by Man


I happen to catch a segment of your/her show on coast to coast. enjoyed it immensely, especially what you said about scripture having been interpreted by MAN therefore the info is open to having been corrupted etc.

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Resonated with Innovative Ideas

Brenna J.

I resonated with your innovative ideas on Coast to Coast interview and feel you might be just the person I need to confirm my own pioneering work as a psychic and writer.

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Found You Fascinating!


I was just listening to you on Coast to Coast, recorded on April 29th. I found you absolutely fascinating. I wish you had been on longer.

The thing that saddened me was that you kept getting interrupted by Mr. Lonsberry. That was the first time I had ever heard him and I thought he was very rude, not only to you but to the callers. He clearly is letting his religion get in the way of his job and keeping his mind closed.

Thank you for being on the show. The things you said made a lot of sense to me and answer a lot of questions. I hope you are asked to come back to Coast to Coast again sometime but with a better host.

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Kept on Track


Hi there,

I heard the April 29/30 coast to coast show!

I really appreciated the way Louise kept on track, and finished the stories she was trying to tell, even when others tried to change the subject before she was finished.

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Maybe Next Time...


I enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast last evening; maybe next time you're on, the host will be a little calmer and let you finish!

Thank you!