Louise speaking in front of audiences


Louise's presentations are inspiring, humorous and entertaining. She challenges your limited perceptions of time and pierces the illusion—and your fears—about death. Louise's gift of 'sight' allows her to experience beyond the boundaries of third-dimensional time and space and report back from where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously. She interprets from beyond the physical boundaries of life as we know—from the Other Side—thereby demonstrating that the veil that separates one reality from the other is indeed, illusory.

Louise also gives convincing evidence that a continuum of consciousness exists, a particular frequency that connects all of life beyond time and this physical dimension. By accessing this 'broadband connection,' Louise communicates telepathically with those afflicted with physical disabilities such as stroke, coma, and Alzheimer's. Similarly, she also interprets for souls who are preparing to 're-enter' this dimension, many of whom are already in tune with their perspective parents.

Louise demonstrates these abilities among the participants in audiences when requested and pre-arranged. She emphasizes the importance of trusting one's own ability to sense beyond the illusion of time and death in ways that are practical and necessary for our evolution. She shares tools to facilitate this process.

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