Apprentices Ask

I learn so much from working with my apprentices! They ask marvelous questions that get me thinkng about my own intuiting process — how I actually DO what I do — and how my own techniques have evolved over the years. Their questions and personal stories also provide the impetus for the development of new and innovative ways to help them customize and strengthen their own, unique ways of accessomg, processing, interpreting — and delivering — the highly ituitive, multidimensional, multilayered, and timeless information they receive.

People Who Hope I Have a Time Machine to Make Past Events Disappear

I just went to see THE AVENGERS: ENDGAME. I enjoyed watching the superheroes attempt a ‘TIME HEIST!’

One review says it well, in my opinion:

“Of course, there are specific rules to follow when it comes to time travel, and Endgame abides by most of them. The biggest and most important rule is that The Avengers aren't supposed to re-write the past: they're only setting out to create a different future."


Messages Meant for More Than One!

Some of you have witnessed a curious phenomenon that occurs following presentations when I go out into the audience and do 'minis.' It has to do with the way very specific information I pull in for one attendee can fit precisely and intricately for more than one person — and sometimes for as many as three or four others!

Last night during my 'C2C AM' chat with George Noory, a listener called in to ask about her dogs. I 'merged' — and then described the 'transmissions' I received from her pets.

This morning a C2C listener sent this email:

Upcoming 'Coast to Coast AM' Interview with George Noory!

Here are the details for my interview on 'C2C' this week!

Louise's 2018 Fall Travel Trailer

See video

Lousie was on the road again, conduting fun 'RIR's and meeting wonderful new people and clients!

Follow Up From Recent 'Zooming' Event!

A fun and enlightening time was had by all! Louise tuned-in and described attendees' unique intuitive strengths and relayed positive progressions likely to unfold in 2019. (A few non-physical loved ones also chimed in to add to add their two cents!)

'Zooming into 2019' with Louise!

The start of each New Year is a great time to reflect on the past, gain new insights to help you move forward into 2019 in wonderful new ways, and open yourself to new adventures and personal growth.

On January 12th, Louise will be hosting a virtual version of 'spot minis' — a group gathering, and a virtual version of those she conducts, randomly, during her presentations. For those of you unfamiliar with spot minis, hold onto your hats! Information flows from Streaming Consciousness that will often pertain to several people at the same time (in different ways).

Tinkerbell to the Rescue — The Sequel!

Last June I posted on my Illuminations Facebook page a reply to a follower who asked how I handle today’s strife. I listed a couple of my survival tools and included a fun story.

It took place one morning when I requested a demonstration, a 'wink' from the angelic or elemental realm — by the end of the day — one that would confirm that they’re in my corner, the way (I often confirm) they’re so present in my clients’ lives. Their response unfolded in a surprising way a few hours later.

Happy Thanksgiving ~ and Illuminations eNewsletter!

Read about a wonderfully useful tool the help you through these challenging times in the latest Illuminations eNewsletter!

— and here's Louise's 2018 Fall Travel Trailer!

She was on the road again! (— and hopes of to reschedule VA Beach engagements in the Spring ~ thanks, Hurricane 'Flo!')

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