I love surprise guest appearances of (non-physical) souls when they enter into consultations. While on the road, one such soul announced his entry into a client’s phone consultation in an most unusual and creative way.

This soul project this scene from the movie, 'ET!’ He transmitted his initials, and then gave me the impression he'd lost his life on a bike or motorcycle. "I was on my way!" he said. ('ET GO HOME!')

20170529 Louise's Prrsentation Intro

Here's Louise's announcement for a recent presentation for the InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living OC in Mission Viejo, CA!

Expansion and Renewal!

Read about it in the latest Illuminations eNewsletter! (You'll also learn where to find me in May/June!)

Another Telepathizing Pup!

Last night I had dinner with a dear friend whose daughter had recently arrived from Chicago for a short visit, accompanied by her adorable little Pug pup. In the way that everything (and everyone) is energy — and everything communicates — I'm accustomed to allowing equal time in consultations for relaying messages telepathized remotely from clients' pets, trees (who say thanks for the hugs), loved ones (in the non-physical), and the higher selves of young children.

Parallel Worlds / Alternate Realities

"What might your life look like if you made different choices? Maybe one day you'll be able to look into one of these alternative worlds and find out."

When I 'merge' with a client and travel through their timeless consciousness to the past to bring about a positive shift, we then go to the future and look for evidence of the resulting effect. I believe we've essentially created an 'alternate reality.'

Making Sense of Things...

The latest Illuminations eNewsletter is a great way to kick off the NEW YEAR! It just might help you make sense of all the craziness in the world — and in 2017!

'Angels We Have Heard On High!'

Find out how Louise enlists the angels when she needs a 'cosmic wink' in the latest eNewsletter! (Do you have an angel story to share? Post it on our public Facebook page!)

Louise's 2016 Fall Travel also took her to — Tuscany!

It was a fabulous time, conducting a 'Readings in the Round' session and participating in the Wayfinding Women's empowerment experience!

Louise's 2016 Fall Travel Trailer

See video

Louise had lots to share from her Fall travels to US cities and to Tuscany!

Louise's latest eNewsletter!

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