Intuition Advancement Series

Intuition Advancement Series: Background

The IAS is an evolutionary offshoot of the Illuminations Apprentice Program. In six weekly online sessions, Louise will lead you on an intuition expedition to discover surprising new territory.

Louise has developed and honed highly successful exercises geared to increase accuracy and relevancy of your intuitive 'hits.' The IAS is perfectly suited to anyone looking to develop his or her intuition and gain some exposure to concepts covered more extensively in the Apprenticeship Program.

Louise enjoys sharing valuable insights gained from her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor for over twenty-five years. She keeps it simple and teaches practical tools to help you expand your intuitive muscle and explore this new awareness.

Date: Next round to be announced when a group comes together! (The program is offerred most often in response to interest following Louise's interviews on radio or TV venues).
Time: Has been offered at both 3:30pm and 6:30pm/Pacific time (depending upon interest) (Time Zone Calculator)
Series Duration: 6 consecutive Wednesday evening sessions.
Tuition: $120
Minimum # of participants: 6

(The IAS applicant is required to have had a private consultation with Louise. (The '2-fer' consultation special can be applied upon request).
Louise has conducted previous the IAS classes in Adobe Connect but is likely to be utilizing Skype in the future.

You're welcome to join — IF:

  • You've been itching to stretch your intuitive muscle. You're the one whose hunches are always right on. You want to corral those abilities and learn to access them, more on demand.
  • Everyone says you think too much. You find your thoughts run away with you. You'd like to learn ways to center and shift from left-brained, concrete, linear thinking — to more right-brained, creative, intuitive perceiving.
  • You've always felt quite separate from others, alone with your innate intuitive gifts. Perhaps you've felt ostracized because you sometimes know certain things, or maybe you've even spooked yourself once or twice with your abilities. You seek a safe harbor where you can learn ways to tame and utilize them for the greater good.
  • You desire to connect with like-minded, metaphysically-oriented souls who are here to make a difference, supporting each other while participating in this current acceleration and expansion of consciousness.
  • You simply want to join in the fun and experiment with telepathy, remote viewing, 'time travel' — and more!
  • You've been invited to become an apprentice in the past, but have been unable to make the commitment.
  • If you're interested in participating in the next IAS (or at a future date): Fill out the contact form and choose Intuition Advancement Series from the category pull-down menu. (Please try the automated 'contact' link. or email us at: )

    Below you'll find descriptions of some of the exercises that Louise will be guiding you through in Level One of the Series, as well as some interesting reading on relevant topics: