You can now hear Louise's original Introduction (in Two Parts): Part 1 and Part 2
New clients are encouraged to listen to this recording.

This unique recording has been heard by numerous, appreciative souls since 1987. Some report that they experience an emotional response that reaches something very deep within themselves; a resonance with a perspective that makes them feel, "I'm home again!" You are invited to download it, burn it to a CD and share it with friends. [The link should automatically open your media player—Windows Media, QuickTime Player, Real Player, etc. — on your computer. You can then save (or 'save as') the recording to your desktop (or designated folder) and burn it to a CD.]

In consultations, Louise scans, and then interprets information accessed in the flow of Streaming Consciousness, an infinite source of information existing beyond the illusion of linear time and this temporal, physical experience.

  • She presents 'another point of view' that shows how her clients' lives can truly make sense. She describes scenes from the past existing in a 'no-time zone,' ones that spell out themes and limiting beliefs that prevent the client from making new, spontaneous choices in the present.
  • She then re-frames present situations and relates probable future information (positive and preventative)—not as a psychic fortune teller—since living in (and obsessing about) the future minimizes the potential for new opportunities and relationships. Instead, she interprets future information for purposes that are relevant to the present, and with the intention of pointing her clients toward a more positive, probable future. Louise extends this process in her Intuitive Life Coaching program.
  • Death is also perceived in a very limited, inaccurate fashion, surrounded with much fearful speculation and old teachings, meant to control humanity through fear. Louise interprets for 'non-physical' souls who have made their transition from this dense, physical dimension.
  • Louise also interprets telepathically for people who are unable to communicate verbally, but have a lot to say: Those afflicted with symptoms of dementia, autism, coma and stroke victims, infants and elderly. Louise also interprets for clients' pets and all of nature.

Payment Information:

Phone and In-Person consultations are $225 for an hour. Here's where you can pay by credit card (preferable to PayPal which requires an add'l $10 fee)— skip the shipping info; this is a front door to secure Flagship Cardservices. If you're entering an amt that differs from the fields presented, place the amt the 'other' box.

Payment by check is also an option if you live near a Chase Bank and it's convenient to make a direct deposit, or you can access Chase QuickPay® with ZelleSM: Both parties need a U.S. bank account; only one (Illuminations) needs an eligible Chase account. Go to: Zelle is a person-to-person payment service that offers a similar experience across banks so it makes paying someone for the first time easier than ever. Participating banks: Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, TD Bank, USBank, Wells Fargo

(This same payment procedure applies to participants signing up for Louise's other offerings, such as 'Readings in the Round', the Illuminations Apprenticeship Program, and Intuitive Life Coaching.

The '2-fer'
Every-so-often, we offer the '2-fer' promotional. Bring a friend on board and lower the price for two one-hour phone consultations with Louise. If you plan to include a friend for the special rate (when offered) — one of you will need to pay for both, or else each pay separately before you're both scheduled.

(Consultations are normally $225/person; $150 each during this promotional. Payment for both must be made simultaneously, and both sessions must occur within two weeks of payment. IF THE TWO SESSIONS ARE PURCHASED FOR ONE PERSON, THE SECOND MUST OCCUR WITHIN THREE MONTHS. This time limit has been shortened, due to the tendency for clients to lose track of the expiration date for their 2nd consultation. (See payment procedure above.)

1/2 Hour Updates
These phone consultations are $150 for clients who've already experienced their intial one-hour consultation.

Consultation Recording Procedure

Louise is happy to record your session. Simply by clicking a web link that she emails to you, usually by the end of the same day, you're able to access a recording of your consultation. This link automatically opens a media player on your computer. You can then save the recording to your desktop (or designated folder) and burn it to a CD. Your consultation recording remains on the web for two weeks. If you lack computer access or technological capability, there is a $15 fee to have your recording burned to a CD sent through the mail.

Clients report that the information Louise intuits gains in meaning and relevancy when they listen to their recording in the aftermath of their sessions, as clients confirm:

I am so glad the session was recorded. When talking to you on the phone I wasn't always getting the meaning of what you were referring to in several instances as I realized afterward. However, also as you had indicated at the beginning of the session, the actual meaning became apparent after listening to the recording and thinking more about what you said.
It was quite interesting how that I didn't "get" or understand all of what you said during that consultation, after listening to the recording again afterwards I did get the meaning of what you said with its relevancy. I am so grateful that you record the sessions. I would have forgotten a lot of what was said otherwise.
Thank you so much, Louise. Our time spent today was a true pleasure. I listened to it a second time & appreciated the words and message that much more. I’m so grateful you are part of my life and that you share your gift for the better of all.

Consultation Description

Consultations (in person and by phone) are one hour sessions. Louise utilizes her ability to go beyond time — and the physical dimension — in remarkable ways. Some clients request consultations that focus exclusively on communication with their loved ones, while others request (what Louise refers to as) 'The Full Monty.' In those sessions, Louise does a scan that reveals pertinent issues in the present, repeating patterns and events existing in the past, and positive, probable futures.

Changing the Past

By merging with the client's timeless consciousness in consultations, Louise is able to travel to the past and locate strategic scenes that co-exist in a 'no-time zone.' Seeing through the eyes of the client's child-self, Louise describes vignettes that exemplify beliefs and perceptions that inevitably created stumbling blocks and repeating themes that affect the present—and will most likely extend into the future. By ushering clients into their past and guiding them through a process that shifts perceptions, the past is changed and the present is revised.

'Sneak Previews' of the Future

A repositioning of the client in the past brings about demonstrable shifts in the present, sometimes detectable by the client within the actual session, and most often in following days. To demonstrate the more long-term effect of this process, Louise then 'pulls a thread' to the future to see what's new and different as a result.

Louise is shown the most positive, probable future—also existing in the flow of streaming consciousness — outside this time-space continuum. Describing strategic future signposts can deepen clients' self-trust, heighten their connection to the Source in the present, and point them in the direction of their best probable future. Louise often assigns specific exercises for the client to help integrate these new pathways.

Louise often initiates conversations with the Higher Self of clients' partners, relatives and friends, employers, etc., existing in the present, thereby promoting powerful healing and resolution. She also converses with the 'HS' of souls existing in the future as well — those whom the client has yet to meet! A soul transmitting on this higher level in the physical dimension appears the same to Louise as those existing in the nonphysical who come forward with messages. This serves as a wonderful demonstration of the 'continuum of consciousness' that exists in the flow — beyond time and death.

At the conclusion of these 'Higher Self conversations,' Louise routinely asks to be shown a sneak preview of a cosmic wink the client is likely to receive in the following days — clear and distinct confirmation that these conversations have indeed occurred — beyond time, and above the fray and the ego-self's agenda. Clients report finding coins, receiving spontaneous, unanticipated phone calls or emails, sometimes actual winks arriving from 'out of left field!' (These signals delivered from the HS of another, occur most often unbeknownst to that person in the here and now. Indeed, we do operate on several levels of consciousness!)

Interpreting for Loved Ones, Pets—and Others

Louise also interprets for 'non-physical' souls who have simply 'dropped the body' and returned to a state of pure consciousness, an energy that is more aligned with our all-knowing Higher Self. Louise (and these souls) delight in demonstrating the truth about the continuum of consciousness—that it is seamless, and never ends. It is eternal.

These souls transmit to Louise through pantomimes, much like a game of Charades with Louise doing her best to interpret. They project evidence that confirms when/where the client has 'dialed' them up — intentionally or inadvertently — and assist in addressing unresolved issues. They also share memories and 'identifiers,' often with characteristic style and humor.

Louise extends this ability when she dials into non-local, non-linear streaming consciousness to interpret for the Higher Selves of others who still reside in the physical — including pets and plants, angels and elementals! — as well as for those suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, stroke, and coma. This is convincing evidence that all of life is connected through this timeless energy.

The Process

Louise begins consultations with the initial deep breath with the client that promotes the first stage of 'syncing,' bringing both (literally) into the same frequency. This allows her to merge with the client’s timeless, higher consciousness. This 'continuum of consciousness' exists in all of time—past, present and future. Louise’s scan reveals pertinent issues in the present, repeating patterns and events existing in the past, and positive, probable futures.

She views (clairvoyantly) two or three videos-like scenarios that reveal issues, themes, and questions surrounding the client. Once Louise 'downloads' this information, she and the client work with various interpretations — literal, metaphorical and symbolic. This is an important stage of the consultation.


Louise encourages clients to stay open to a myriad of interpretations, rather than allowing themselves to obsess about details that they interpret relative to their specific desired outcomes. Doing so also allows the information to breathe and keeps the client open to these new possibilities. Some information also gains clarity through the passage of time.

Any intuitive who is skilled at retrieving accurate and relevant information has his/her own filter through which the 'raw footage' is unavoidably interpreted. That filter is influenced by one's own unique past experiences and personal beliefs. For this reason, it is vital that the 'seeker' be discerning in choosing the seer — choosing one who projects a healthy, positive outlook on life. It is equally important that the intuitive reader project a sincere desire to empower the client, rather than to create a dependency or elevate self through ego-driven motivations.

Consulting for Children and Teenagers

Clients occasionally ask that their children (or teenagers) sit in on their consultation or request a separate session for them. Louise will usually oblige — but only when there's a clear understanding among all parties involved that Louise’s gifts are in service to empower others, (no matter what age), to assist them in creating the most positive futures for themselves. Her grounded style is particularly effective when younger folks are introduced to Louise’s work in the context of spiritual teacher and intuitive life coach.

Children (and teenagers) often arrive with certain expectations and most often, and with an intense curiosity about what's ahead. They can't wait to ask the classic question: "What does my future hold?” Louise takes time to highlight (intuit) personal strengths and innate abilities, and sometimes gives 'sneak previews' of additional talents that are likely to surface over time.

Louise discusses the ways in which their best future will unfold, contingent upon skills they learn to meet challenges in the present. She emphasizes the importance of learning to make increasingly wiser choices (learning from the less-wise ones); to trust their own inner sensings; to make a conscious effort to speak their truth in all moments; to trust in a Higher Power in which to surrender when the going gets rough — releasing their own agendas, fears, and disappointments. Louise also take a few moments to teach young clients how to activate the magic in their lives and enjoy the fun of observing 'serendipitous synchronicities' — convincing evidence that the Universe is working with them!


The occasional client comes to a consultation with a rigid view of their life, and with firm expectations regarding their anticipated future. Unavoidably, those expectations create a sort of funneled vision that narrows the range of future possibilities. Their vision of the future can be shaped by fear, ego-constructed (illusory) agendas, or by 'consensus reality' — certain societal, media and advertising influences that teach us what we ought to yearn for.

While those dreams can manifest as interesting roadside attractions along the way, they might later be seen as detours that diverted us from more creative, adventurous and extraordinary journeys. Futures that are truly for our highest good are ones that unfold in empowering, life-enhancing and life-expanding ways. They are limitless and delightfully synchronized.

Clients pay for the time and energy Louise expends in consultations — not for the actual content she receives and delivers. She works hard to decipher, and then relay information in ways that will empower the client and point them toward a more positive future. Therefore, it is not her policy to grant refunds.

In her invocation, Louise "always asks that the information be for [the client's] highest good to receive, for [her own] highest good to deliver...and [she asks] that all the information be within God’s sight, and according to God’s plan for [the client's] greater, eternal self.”


Louise's intention is to make herself as available as possible. However, time constraints prevent her from responding to personal questions or after-thoughts following consultations. These are best — and more accurately — addressed in a scheduled consultation follow-up or update (1/2 hr available after the initial consultation for $150) by phone.

Again, Louise regrets that even though time is most certainly an illusion, the fact is that this time-perceived dimension is compressing. Try as we might to 'save' it — we do seem to rush to fill in all the spaces!

PLEASE EMAIL US DIRECTLY for more information or to schedule a consultation:

Unique experience

SA in NY

Thank you for a very unique and wonderful experience. You made me feel sooooo much better . You made me feel that I don't have to be guilt ridden because I'm still alive and [my deceased son] is not.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this feeling can continue and if I'm ever in the position to do it again. Be assured that I will immediately call. It was very uplifting.


AJ in MT

Hi Louise,

The download [of my phone consultation recording] worked Perfect!!! Thank you so much.

As 'predicted' - I found an amazing space to live in and the powers that be are allowing a 9 month lease! Just in case I decide to live elsewhere.

Louise, while I was driving a route that my Grandfather and I had driven through many times I was so aware of his presence (in the car with me-ha ha). I could smell him and feels his huge loving presence urging me forward.

Your consultation was so amazing! You are such a gift to me and to the world!

Gratitude! Gratitude!!!!!

Love love love to you

Brighten My Life

SE in WA

Even if you didn't offer me the help you do, I am so blessed to have you in my life. At the bottom of it all, you are simply a delightful person, full of depth, grace, fairness and kindness. You brighten my life! (And we really appreciate brightening here!!!)

Thank you so much for your prompt responses and your caring attention, but thanks even more for just being your true self!

Gifted Seer!

HC in FL

Louise is a gifted Seer! She is someone who can remind you that Time is an Illusion by collaborating with you to look deep into your "Past," "Present," and "Future?" -- Someone who works from a place of LOVE and who reminds us that LOVE is a great place to be?

I've had 4 sessions over 4 years with Louise every time it's been a tremendous LIGHT that comes into my Life to Keep Me ON TRACK. She has put me in touch with my Higher Self, my Future Self, Past Lives, Ancestors, Animals, Angels, and Many Other Loving Beings who are like my Spiritual Cheerleaders and Guides and Milestones. I just had another FABULOUS session with her yesterday and I'm reminded what a GIFT LIFE IS and the PATHWAYS that are open to realizing MY FULL LOVING POTENTIAL Here & Now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Future Information Unfolds Over Time!

BA in NV

Hello Louise,

I don't expect you to remember me as it has been about 9 years since my reading and I am sure you read many people each year. In any case for some reason tonight I had a real need to send you an email to give you confirmation of some things you had told me about in my reading.

First you had said to me that I had an Aunt that was passing and that she wanted me to tell the person with the initials MK that she was thankful and grateful that she was taking care of her. At the time I couldn't think of anyone, but when I had relayed this information to my Mother she told me that my Cousin Mary Kay had been helping to take care of my sick aunt at the time. All of the info you had given me was on target and so correct.

Another thing you had said to me was my husband at the time was looking for work and you told me that he would find a job and that you were seeing hoses. He actually took a job as a Facilities Coordinator/Fire Chief. I found it interesting that you would pick up on the hoses as he was in the field of Fire Suppression.

You had also told me that you were seeing me living somewhere other than where I was with a rustic look like Pine and such. I find it interesting that my now boyfriend is building a house and he says he is building for both of us and we talk about things like the bedroom furniture and having the log furniture. I also asked if my parents would be there where ever this place was and you said that it would be when one is gone and one is here. Well, my mother passed away January of this year and I still have my father here. Not sure if this new place is the one you were seeing as you had said that you saw pine trees and rustic décor, but in this case it is close enough in my mind to verify what you had told me.

Thank you so much for the readings you have given me.
May God Bless you and yours.

"So on point..."

SM in CH

This will be my first experience with you, although my sister once asked you about the sale of my house in Il. You were so on point with what happened, even down to the names of the people who ended up purchasing it. I believe this may be something I might like do on a regular basis!

Flow of Truth...

BW in CA

Louise appeared with instinctive knowledge and the courage to offer her gifts of illumination. It was an mouth dropping, eye opening experience having her share the flow of truth imminent through her mind, body, spirit from yet to be grounded resources. Her facility of the unknown and her acceptance of all things good unmatched. Her depth of understanding, past, present and facing the future with no fear is a must course in life.


MK in CA

It was awesome to get to receive a reading from you again after all of these years. I have to mention one memory of one of my readings/counseling sessions with you approximately 1985-1986. I had a conversation with my dad who couldn't speak anymore, from multiple strokes, about not fearing death. He was holding on to life and the pain he was in because of feeling fearful of death, especially since he had not been a good person and had hurt many people. I had not shared that conversation with anybody and frankly forgot about it, for it was just my dad and me.

Approximately 3 weeks later, when you were going into to your reading with me, you were interrrupted by my dad's parents from the other side, who wanted to thank me for helping their son go without fear to the other side and that they would be there to greet him, just like I told my dad that his parents would be there for him. Amazing! You even told me my grandfathers name, James Charles, since I had never met them, they were dead before I was born.

Louise, you have helped me so much all those years ago, thank you for that! :-)

Got a Good Chuckle...

DW in BC, CA

Thank you so much for the magical gift of your time, Louise. You were gracious, precise, and exceptional at what you do, just like I thought you would be. It was interesting that both my Mom and Dad came to you with signs from the immediate present. When you said my Mom said “Cupcakes” I got a good chuckle out of that as I have been concentrating on that topic. Just this week I made some Red Velvet Cupcakes and I experimented with using beets instead of food coloring and cream cheese frosting with just a touch of sweetener instead of a lot of sugar, and they turned out super and delicious.

And when you mentioned “Butterflies” with my Dad I couldn’t make the connection, but after our conversation and as i hung up the phone I noticed I had been sitting under a wind chime of butterflies as I talked to you. And so I just took a picture of them a few minutes ago, they are just simple ceramic butterflies but I am enclosing the picture to show you how the picture turned out. It is evening and the sun has gone down and no light is shining on them from anywhere so the picture surprised me.

I will await to see if I get a sign(s) of whether to stay put as I am in this very comfortable, laid back, comfortable life I live, or if i should start taking steps to move out of my “cocoon”.

In appreciation, DW

Have Helped Me Grow

DC in FL

Louise, your 'readings' for me over the years have helped me grow into the woman I have become — and I am becoming. I'm doing my best to be in integrity with what I have learned, and with what I share. I know I'm being an example of that for others too.

So really really really — thanks again!

'It's rockin'!

SW in CA

Much is manifesting from the readings you have given to me - it's profound, it's rockin'!

Felt Different

EA in NY
Good Afternoon Louise,
I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was talking to you on Thursday and how different I have felt right after our conversation. All of life seems to be flowing easily these past two days, getting out of my house to go to work was a struggle for me for a few years and these past two days have been easy :) . Thank you, thank you, thank you. I plan on speaking to you soon and will be looking into the apprentice program. You are such a blessing and so easy to talk to, Thank you!

With Gratitude,

Other Realms...

BW in TX

I heard Louise on the radio, read her 3 books, and had a reading within two-three weeks time. As soon as Louise communicated with my father, everything changed, and I could see other realms.

Orbs of Light

IM in CT

"So, I had a wonderful reading today with the amazing Intuitive - Louise Hauck. And, she tells of the notion of relating to your (my) higher self and how to tap into the higher selves of others. Anyway, it involves focusing on orbs of - of course, when you asked earlier what horse I'd pick to win the Derby, I went right to the list to pick the name that hits me the strongest. It had to be ORB. And, moments later ORB won. I didn't even remember today was the Derby! It actually confirmed something Louise told me.... :)"

'Vintage' Intro

JB in NY

I have been relistening to Part I and will listen to Part II tomorrow evening. I find myself listening to both parts periodically to awaken myself whenever I need a "pep talk" I go to your website and listen — everything you say just confirms all that I know to be true, or what I already knew at some point. It is more like remembering instead of learning for the first time (if that makes any sense). I respect and admire your gift of being able to put into words all these thoughts and all this information so easily. It makes it easy to understand. it is just truly wonderful to be able to listen to these thoughts.


CU in AZ

From my point of view, our consultation was spectacular. I love how you can pull information from the myriad of realms you are able to access to provide illumination!
Thank you for another stunning and wondrous consultation! I enjoy following you wherever our journey takes us! I am dazzled by and in awe of your gifts!

Confident About "Next Destination"

RG in NV

My aunt passed last year, full of the confidence you gave her about her next destination. Your reading for her so many years ago shaped the rest of her life.

"Can You Hear Us Now, Joe?"

KJ in CH

Here's a beautifully written testimonial from a new client. She posted it her own blog site.


PS in CH

I feel such a loyalty, due to the impact you have had on me. Profound! In fact, you were one of the few connections I could suss out, back in 1987. Hard to imagine that it's been 25 years since I had my first reading. And at the age of 25, you really introduced me to something that actually made sense. That first reading set my trajectory.

You have always treated me with grace and tolerance. You have demonstrated lessons that I would have unlikely found in my life's setting at the time. For that I thank you. I've come a long way, with your teachings at the root my growth.

Measure of Reassurance

SM in CA

I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to my two session recordings with you. They give me a measure of reassurance and a sense of grounding when I listen to them. I’d like to believe that hearing the truth can have that effect on me!

Heightened Awareness

DC in CH

Louise, I have been wanting to write and thank you for my fascinating reading which I received Friday. (My contest prize). I was so excited that you were able to fit me into your schedule so quickly. This was my second reading with you and my readings continue to exceed my expectations.

Your readings help me enjoy living in in the present with a heightened awareness. I am able to keep my heart and intuition open to recognize and experience the things you have downloaded for me. It is so easy to miss the possibilities and gifts that life has to offer, and your readings give me a way to stay present and receive.

It is always enjoyable and enlivening to find myself living the present moments that you have previously shared with me. The Universe is infinitely more fun when you can receive downloads from your present, past and possible future.

Thank you for sharing your gift and being a contribution to my well being. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again in Chicago in May.

Love and light!

Right On!

LO in CA

"I've had a number of consultations with Louise as well as hearing her speak several times. What I love about Louise is the spiritual way she approaches everything. The information she gave me in my first consultation was absolutely right on ~ which was proven later ~ and changed my life in many ways. Her talks are always fascinating. Go on her website and if you resonate to what you read, then I highly recommend you arrange to have a consultation or attend one of her talks. You'll love it... and you'll love her!"

"Bingo Words!"

TG in AK

I love connecting with Louise. I especially enjoy how particular words will come "through" her when she is ‘downloading’ information, often in response to issues where I've sought direction, understanding, and sometimes comfort. My most recent consultation brought with it the word “lilac” that was exactly one of these ‘bingo’ words for me, as were many other phrases within the reading. Though I have come to expect them, it still surprises me each time this happens.

After each consultation, I am always filled with new ideas and insights and twists in my thinking that are so helpful to my journey. I also am left with a sense of great joy and gratefulness to have received them, and feeling so thankful that Louise has been given a skill wherein she can assist me in that process. I always smile when I disconnect from the call..

Thanks again, Louise, as always.

Nudge Toward the Light

P.B. in CA

Hi Louise,

Thanks so much for the delightful reading. I have to admit that I needed to talk myself into scheduling it because it seemed like an indulgence. Then I reminded myself that it never hurts to get independent validation and maybe a nudge or two toward the light. I have also made a commitment to living joyfully and to being fully empowered, and your readings always contribute to both.

Deeper Sense of Love

VJ in CA

Thank you so much for the reading today. It was deeply affirming and clarifying and I feel radiant! I also feel like my consciousness has opened and expanded dramatically and I feel an even deeper sense of love for those souls around me, especially my husband and children.

Upped My Frequency


I have listened to some of the Intro recording and thus far have been deeply moved by it. I actually feel like while listening my vibratory frequency picked up a notch. Thank you!

Says It All...

DE in CA

I wanted to again say thank you for your ILLUMINATIONS (so true!) on some important places in my life where I either need to move on, reframe, etc. The reading was quite powerful for me in that I feel more open to healing, especially around my father.

I've been a student of dream work for some time and last night I dreamt that all of my parents' old friends, all passed, were sitting around a table when I answered a phone call from dad, and proceeded to pass around one of those old cord-attached phones for everyone to talk to each other.

That about says it all, dear one.

Sitrring Things Up

J.K. in CA

Your reading certainly shook up some rocks in my head. I was able to download the reading and have listened to it twice... with greater clarity with each listening, meditating/contemplating, and sharing with others who were very curious about the reading! You are an amazing woman!

"Wonderful Sweetness"

P.W. in ID

Louise, almost a week later and I am still experiencing a wonderful sweetness... as if the reading itself opened a bubble of calm and assuredness around me. Confirmation is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you again, my Dear, for being so perfectly you.


Changed How I React and Interact With People

C.M. in CA

I wanted to tell you that the reading and the advice you gave me has really changed how I react and interact with people. You advised me to quit projecting myself and I took that advice to heart. Believe me, I have been and spent money on countless counselors and psychologists over the years but what you said hit home and really made a difference in my life. I tend to have very strong emotions based on very hurtful, traumatic life experiences. Stepping back and stopping myself has had positive results. Thank you

Spiritual Guidance

P.S. in Chicago

I've had numerous moments over the past 6 to 7 years where I have intended to drop you a letter and express a sincere thanks to you the years of spiritual guidance you have provided me. You have truly been a life-long influence.

So much of what I have been learning lately could only be comprehended based upon the foundation of insights I had gained from you. It's simply amazing what is going on in our world these days and had I not initially endeavored upon my spiritual journey with your guidance, I'm sure much would have passed me by. It's taken years of contemplation for me to begin to grasp, much less practice what you have shared.

It seems like such a long time ago driving down to Newport Beach from Colton for a reading back in '87.


P.B. in India

Thanks so much! I'm overwhelmed! still unable to overcome the effect of the confirmation i received from you. I don't know what to say...

Heart Soaring

M.S. in NYC

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I can feel my heart soaring and know that I should probably walk home from work this evening in order to temper the 'high'. I am so thankful that I reached out to you and I am grateful for your guidance and wisdom. I feel energized, yet peaceful. So much has fallen into place. I have prayed for a teacher and more importantly I have prayed that I am ready for that teacher. I am honored that you would consider me to be an apprentice and I would like to become one.

Warm and Welcoming

ES in Paris

I had a wonderful session last night and now feel free of hesitations. How kind and warm and welcoming you are. And WHAT an amazing skill you have. I think you are amazing and you must touch hundreds of people on this earth (welll, no doubt thousands). Everyone you touch must feel the warmth and kindness which exudes from you and the "message" from Source that in fact. ALL IS WELL. THANK YOU.


Wonder is the operative word...

PB in CA

Louise, I didn't want to do too much babbling in gratitude this morning, but I do hope you know that your work, your service has affected my life profoundly in the most wonderful ways. Wonder is really the operative word here. Because many times I see how one of your little off-handed remarks plays out from a tiny speck of an idea to something with such delightfully positive energy and momentum that it really is a wonder to behold.

Best of My Life

EH in CA

I enjoyed meeting you in Point Richmond. You gave me a great reading, maybe the best of my life. I shared it with my husband and sister and they were happy that you could bring so much information to me.

Please let me know about your other offerings!

Inspired me to "live!"

DS in CA

I just finished listening to the recording of a session you did for me a while ago. I appreciate your time and your insights in this reading. You are correct. One must go with the "feeling" to obtain the gifts the universe offers to us—and "stay out of the basement!" I do feel very blessed in many ways.

Once again, Thank you, Louise Your insights have inspired me to "live."

Total Harmony

DH in CA

My session with Louise was awesome. I feel very empowered as a result. She and I were in total harmony, every second. It was like floating down a river with a best friend.

Thanks again [Kathy] for your help in setting it up.

A Change in Outlook

KE in CA

Thank you for my reading back in March. I came to see you in Sacramento with my mother, for whom you also did a reading. Ever since I met with you, my outlook on life has been different. I can't really explain it entirely, but, I see things in a more spiritual way. You have helped me to deepen my sense of spirituality and better understand my relationship with God.

Some of the things that you had mentioned in my reading have already happened, and the rest I am looking forward to...I have come to truly understand the importance of living each day to it's fullest. I don't want to waste time worrying about something that will come in due time—such a future relationship—if it is meant to be. I have had to deal with several deaths in my family within the last few years, two of which happened last month within two weeks of each other. I finally see how short life really can be.

My thanks again for all of your help. Your words have been incorporated into my life, and I am truly thankful to have had the pleasure of meeting with you for a reading. I look forward to speaking with you again!

Left With Wonder About Where I've Been

LM in CT

You read me while in Old Saybrook about a week ago. You left me with much wonder about where I have been, but more important, where I am NOW. I felt your warmth the minute I entered, and I also sensed your sincerity. That day left me with many, many questions about myself and my past. The future is just that: the future. Anyway, thank you so much for your reading.

Amazed at Predictions

MN in CT

I've had four wonderful sessions with you in Connecticut. I continue to be amazed at the number of things that you predicted actually happening. So often I reflect and think, "This is what Louise was talking about. It is truly phenomenal." I replay the taped consultations periodically and am always able to re-connect or identify with a new happening. You were right when you said the tapes were like a Hallmark card—the gift that keeps on giving.

Consultation Proved to Reach Deeper

NT in London

I was so happy to get an e-mail sent from your team with your latest whereabouts. When you came to London about two years ago, I had an consultation with you that proved to reach deeper into the unknown than I had expected, as well as explaining why I am the person I am.

I left you feeling empowered and proud. Many times I have thought how nice it would be to see you again. So please let me know your plans as in coming to London and doing sittings. I'd love to come and learn more about myself in the past, present and future.

Your Presence and Compassion

DF in CA

You might not remember me, but we had a consultation in Sacramento in January, 2001. The reason I sought your help at that time was due largely to the fact that I was having a most difficult time dealing with grief—my fiancee who had tragically died in February 2000.

I will never forget our consultation and I will never forget your amazing presence and compassion. Just today, I thought about you, and as such, accessed your website. I read your messages [on the account of the NYC Disaster] that you posted and was moved when your 'higher self' hugged the woman's 'higher self' you were sitting next to at Radio City Hall.

Wherever you are I want you to know that my 'higher self' is sending yours many warm hugs. Thank you for the service you provide others and may your year be filled with wonderful experiences.

Reaching Deeper

NT in London

When you came to London about two years ago I had a consultation with you that proved to reach deeper into the unknown than I had expected as well as explaining why I am the person I am, I left you feeling empowered and proud.

Blown away...

NS in FL

Oh my gosh, I am listening to old tapes with Louise doing readings for me
and I am blown awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............................. I can't
believe the things she is saying and that she knew about! It is so amazing
that I am totally spellbound. Some of the things Louise mentioned I couldn't place nine years ago but do now!

A Thing of Wonder

RL in Egypt

I just want to say thanks again for my last consultation (1997?) where you saw my lovely child who is indeed an "international" child—she is Italian (like her dad), American (like me), goes to the nursery in Egypt (where we now live) with toddlers from all over. And she is a wonderful child! I am thankful for her every day!

I have also listened to our session tape over the years and now understand more of some things that I didn't understand before. It's a thing of wonder. I also realize that people sometimes call me "Roberta"—a slip of the tongue, or is it?! You mentioned my name from a former French life as Robert—however, that is spelled in French. Now when people call me that, I always think of your story—especially because you recall that I was content and happy at the time!

All the best and by the way, thank you for writing about the WTC. We were here only 3 weeks at the time and felt so disconnected, nervous, and alone, and horrified like the rest of the world. Your accounts allow me to think of the souls and not of the bodies.

Louise's style

SM in CO

I've been studying all this probably for many lifetimes and am very much "awake" in this lifetime. I first saw Spirit (hundreds of Angels) when I was about 7 years old, so this is definitely my "path" and I've worked with and communicated with Spirit, not only from planet Earth, many times during this lifetime. I just happen to like Louise's "style" and "tone" and how she conveys her messages. I rarely go for readings anymore as I am so selective in choosing only those who really interest me, but again, I like Louise's style and definitely felt comfortable with her energy when I heard her voice.

[Later]...Please let Louise know Dad made his tranisition this morning. When she did my reading a few weeks ago on the phone she tuned into Dad but saw him on the Other Side as she spoke with him. She said he would not be hanging around long. He came to me in the dream state this a.m. just before I woke up and hugged me tightly and told me how very much he loved me but that he had to go on "home" now. I sat straight up in bed and there was an amazing warm glow all around me. It was a wonderful goodbye.