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How to Let Your Spirit Lead the Way!

I'm hearing that some clients are feeling crunched for time, given all they're needing to accomplish within a short period. I offer them a technique I've used for years, a way to move forward — in the flow!

Let's say you find yourself passing by your desk on your way to the kitchen, excited to try a new recipe, or perhaps you're heading to the workshop to continue with a project. You spot all that unfinished business taunting you — bills to pay, calls to make, whatever needs your attention — but your heart's simply not in it. It's not the time! Your spirit is pulling you elsewhere!

RENEWAL! (Happy Easter / Happy Passover!)

When my two children were growing up, every morning I’d go into each of their rooms to wake them up for school. Tiptoeing over to their windows, I'd open the blinds, and then exclaim — “OHHH!”

“WHAAAT?” they’d ask, sitting up, trying to focus their sleepy eyes.


“Ma-ummm!” they’d reply, sliding back down into their beds, pulling their cozy comforters around them.

These days, I greet MY mornings — first thing!— by expressing that same proclamation:


'Simultaneous Awareness' — and Dr. Leo Galland's book, 'Already Here"

I recently expressed my gratitude to Dr. Galland (posted on my Facebook page) for helping me understand a phenomenon that occurs all the time for me in consultations: 'Simultaneous Awareness.'

2018 Valentine's Day Message

Louise offers a new approach to Valentine's Day in the latest eNewsletter — plus a special gift!

Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

I recently posted on Facebook the CIA 's 1984 Mars Exploration remote viewing experiment, conducted at the Monroe Institute, founded by Robert Monroe.

Monroe wrote Journeys Out of the Body,’ in which he chronicles his own series of unexpected 'OBE's (out of body experiences) and shares his earliest, perfected method.

Louise's 2018 New Year's Message + Special Gift to Caregivers

Louise has a special New Year's Message just for you (—'cuz she cares!) — and a special gift for caregivers. It's all in the latest New Year's eNewsletter!

A Holiday Gift!

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A Way to Be A Light in Today's Troubled World

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Einstein and Connectivity

I recently consulted for the delightful couple I reported on a while ago — I’ll call them ‘Joe and Jill’ They’re the two who confirmed their connectivity to a 900-yr-old tree when it showed up in their consultation. Turns out, it joined in to thank them for the hugs. Apparently, that wonder of nature stands tall where the couple’s cycling team would meet. They’d always take time to hug the tree!

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