Louise's 2018 New Year's Message + Special Gift to Caregivers

Louise has a special New Year's Message just for you (—'cuz she cares!) — and a special gift for caregivers. It's all in the latest New Year's eNewsletter!

A Holiday Gift!

Check out the latest eNewsletter ~ and your holiday surprise!

A Way to Be A Light in Today's Troubled World

Read about it in the lastest Illuminations eNewsletter!

Einstein and Connectivity

I recently consulted for the delightful couple I reported on a while ago — I’ll call them ‘Joe and Jill’ They’re the two who confirmed their connectivity to a 900-yr-old tree when it showed up in their consultation. Turns out, it joined in to thank them for the hugs. Apparently, that wonder of nature stands tall where the couple’s cycling team would meet. They’d always take time to hug the tree!


For years I’ve maintained — and continue to emphasize to my clients — that I never receive ominous or foreboding information that could cause one to contract in fear.

AND…it’s all interpretation.

Two clients just informed me that I apparently picked up on the current hurricanes in their consultations. As usual, my description of those future visions seem curious at the time, given that the future can only be interpreted in terms of what’s known in the present.

(I’ll share another example of this kind of occurrence as we approach this year’s 9/11 anniversary).

Say "Hello!" — to Your Child-Self

Invite that child existing in the past to join you in the present and shift the future! Details in the latest eNewsletter: 'Healing Wounds from the Past.' (— and the '2-fer' is running from now until Halloween! (:0)

97.52% Eclipse of the Sun!

Watched the amazing event in Idaho with blessings and drumming by the Nez Perce tribe.

Dan and Denise

Here is Dan and Denise's remarkable story and our wonderful (telepathic) collaboration.

A Different Kind of Memory?

I continue to be fascinated with Dr. Alexander’s account of his ’NDE’ in his book, 'Proof of Heaven.' Here's another observation that might relate in some way to a curiosity of mine I've pondered for quite some time.
It has to do with a certain phenomenon I experience when I intuit multidimensional information.

Experiencing Multidimensionality

This part of Dr. Alexander’s NDE (near death experience) reminds me of how it feels to 'merge' with another’s consciousness and seek answers for clients. I receive information that 'bypasses language,' though certainly not as phenomenally as he describes!

It's always a challenge to find words to convey the multidimensional, multi-layered nature of this kind of information.

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