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Heavenly Nursery


I found your program most interesting as I completely remember being in the heavenly nursery of souls prior to birth.

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Enjoyed the Dickens..

Pam in TX

Hi Louise!

I just enjoyed the dickens out of your show Saturday night! There were some things I wished you could have expounded on! but Bob couldn't really handle. Like all the stuff in the Bible that was removed. The stuff I'd really like to know. Some people like to think that the Bible is the perfect book, with all the answers, ahmen. Too bad.

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Amazed and Thrilled

Beverley in Canada

I've only been listening to this show for about six months but I was amazed and thrilled that people of your caliber are able to be on the show...there's so much nonsense in the media especially now and I was delighted that people like yourself who are as I call like-minded to my own understanding are getting on shows like this and telling people like me that experiences I have had are not unique...

...after many years of struggling with "seeing things" ridicule and teasing especially as a child, I am beginning to realize what and who I am and what I can do...

.....anyway it was wonderful to hear you speak and I believe that eventually the world as a whole will awaken as people like u and others like myself are allowed to speak out without fear of more people come to accept this type of universal truth.

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Interpretation by Man


I happen to catch a segment of your/her show on coast to coast. enjoyed it immensely, especially what you said about scripture having been interpreted by MAN therefore the info is open to having been corrupted etc.

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One of the Really Good Ones


I heard you last night on Coast to Coast and was very impressed. I began from a position of skeptical inquiry (no connection, however, with the magazine), have now known a number of seers and intuitives, and consider that I have some basis to know whom to trust and whom otherwise. You, I believe, are one of the really good ones.

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Hat's Off to You!


I have to say, my hat is really off to you! What a great job you did not only in communicating the various important points, but also in keeping on topic with this rude individual that was interviewing you! I kept thinking you should just tell the guy to let you finish a sentence for once! He is absolutely unbelievable and I wouldn't expect them to be using him a lot.

Couldn't sleep one night...

RW in CA

You are always so amazing on the radio Louise! I still recall turning the radio on at 3 am when I couldn't sleep one night and you were on Art Bell. I was in awe, and so proud of you and your responses to callers.....Amazing!

Saturday Drop-In
Big Energy!

I knew that some magic would happen in the session! There was big energy around that group...

Saturday Drop-In
A Blessing To Connect

[A friend] has talked so often about you, but every time I wanted to attend an event, the timing just wasn't right. It was a blessing to connect with you in the group today. I learned a lot from your insights into the other participants' questions. Now that I've experienced the Drop-In once, it will be all the easier for me the next time!

Saturday Drop-In
Relates to Being Human

One can learn so much just by listening to other's questions and your answers.. it all relates to being human I suppose - the collective experience - life death and everything in between.