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Maybe Next Time...


I enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast last evening; maybe next time you're on, the host will be a little calmer and let you finish!

Thank you!

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"I enjoyed the Coast to Coast show so much last night!! You are amazing and so inspirational Louise!!"

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Fascinating Teacher


Dear Louise,

You sound like a fascinating teacher. I'm a nurse healer interested in spiritual growth & natural healing modalities for numerous years.

Thanks so much!

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Had Also Seen" Frequency"

Sharon B.

Dear Louise,

I was fascinated by what I was able to hear of you on Coast to Coast Saturday nite-- I had also just seen "Frequency" and found it absoulutely fascinating--another movie to be proud of!

Energetic Experiences on NYC Subways


Thank you for your stories on C2C - I've never heard anyone else, other than myself, speak of the energetic experiences on the NYC Subways - it's a rich & magical playground for energies to play in & was happy to hear your experiences there & elsewhere.

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Thanks for Downloads


"I really enjoyed your interview last night. Thank you for the downloads! Very comforting."

Lives Being Charted

Mary in GA

Hello Louise

I very much enjoyed listening to you on the radio this morning. I had called in with the question about our lives being charted and which you answered very well. The other question I had was, How do inherited genetics and reincarnation work together? If we are to keep coming back and bettering our selves, wouldn't the genetics inherited, also traits, possibly conflict with the process?

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Assisting Passengers Through HS

D.C. in UT

"I am a airline pilot by trade. I use my higher self connection all the time at work. I use it to assist in calming the nerves and assuring the passengers of a safe flight. Something in your voice [on Coast to Coast] said for me to inquire about (your work)..."

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One of the Really Good Ones


I heard you last night on Coast to Coast and was very impressed. I began from a position of skeptical inquiry (no connection, however, with the magazine), have now known a number of seers and intuitives, and consider that I have some basis to know whom to trust and whom otherwise. You, I believe, are one of the really good ones.

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Truly Inspired


I happened to hear you on the show "Coast to Coast AM" on Saturday evening, April 29,2000! You truly inspired me! I must admit, I did not know who you were until this program.