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Fascinating Teacher


Dear Louise,

You sound like a fascinating teacher. I'm a nurse healer interested in spiritual growth & natural healing modalities for numerous years.

Thanks so much!

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Amazed and Thrilled

Beverley in Canada

I've only been listening to this show for about six months but I was amazed and thrilled that people of your caliber are able to be on the show...there's so much nonsense in the media especially now and I was delighted that people like yourself who are as I call like-minded to my own understanding are getting on shows like this and telling people like me that experiences I have had are not unique...

...after many years of struggling with "seeing things" ridicule and teasing especially as a child, I am beginning to realize what and who I am and what I can do...

.....anyway it was wonderful to hear you speak and I believe that eventually the world as a whole will awaken as people like u and others like myself are allowed to speak out without fear of more people come to accept this type of universal truth.

"Bingo Words!"

TG in AK

I love connecting with Louise. I especially enjoy how particular words will come "through" her when she is ‘downloading’ information, often in response to issues where I've sought direction, understanding, and sometimes comfort. My most recent consultation brought with it the word “lilac” that was exactly one of these ‘bingo’ words for me, as were many other phrases within the reading. Though I have come to expect them, it still surprises me each time this happens.

After each consultation, I am always filled with new ideas and insights and twists in my thinking that are so helpful to my journey. I also am left with a sense of great joy and gratefulness to have received them, and feeling so thankful that Louise has been given a skill wherein she can assist me in that process. I always smile when I disconnect from the call..

Thanks again, Louise, as always.

Lives Being Charted

Mary in GA

Hello Louise

I very much enjoyed listening to you on the radio this morning. I had called in with the question about our lives being charted and which you answered very well. The other question I had was, How do inherited genetics and reincarnation work together? If we are to keep coming back and bettering our selves, wouldn't the genetics inherited, also traits, possibly conflict with the process?

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Resonated with Innovative Ideas

Brenna J.

I resonated with your innovative ideas on Coast to Coast interview and feel you might be just the person I need to confirm my own pioneering work as a psychic and writer.

Saturday Drop-In
Big Energy!

I knew that some magic would happen in the session! There was big energy around that group...

Saturday Drop-In
Soooo Much Fun!

This was soooo much fun I think we should do it again some time!

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Light in the Murk

Gina D.

"Hi Louise. Heard you on Coast a few weeks ago and delightedly explored your site. You probably already know this... but you are like a diffuse mystical light in the murk. I'm really impressed by your classy, dignified presentation. You know who you are and your requirements (no low-energy thrillseekers, basically) are very well laid out and reFRESHing in the shark-infested waters of online paranormal endeavor. I love the way you live every moment to raise the vibration of everyone and everything around you, especially with *stealth*..haha... Finally, I loved the way you matter-of-factly said you thought the Mayans just ran out of stones or whatever. I laughed so loud to that one I surely woke the neighbors. --Your Future Student"

Right On!

LO in CA

"I've had a number of consultations with Louise as well as hearing her speak several times. What I love about Louise is the spiritual way she approaches everything. The information she gave me in my first consultation was absolutely right on ~ which was proven later ~ and changed my life in many ways. Her talks are always fascinating. Go on her website and if you resonate to what you read, then I highly recommend you arrange to have a consultation or attend one of her talks. You'll love it... and you'll love her!"

Confident About "Next Destination"

RG in NV

My aunt passed last year, full of the confidence you gave her about her next destination. Your reading for her so many years ago shaped the rest of her life.