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Garden Invitation


"So nice to hear you Louise. ♥ I'll be inviting people to my 'garden!'"

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Easy to Understand


"You explained everything so clear and easy to understand, thank you!"

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Grieving Process


"Thank you so much for the gift for the 'Coast' listeners. You have encouraged me to continue with this grieving process. This is another level of this journey. Much love to All of You!"

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Remarkable Soul


"You are a remarkable Soul-Thank you for generosity-sharing your gifts so completely and clearly with all. Inspirational!!"

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"Hello, and I am so pleased and grateful to have been led to you through the Coast to Coast website and then by a video on YouTube where you spoke at a venue which wasn't given within the description. I have been wishing to come across someone who is a reputable, intuitive, for far too long."

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no name

"I was mesmerized listening to you on Coast2Coast on June 29th, 2012!"

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"I enjoyed the Coast to Coast show so much last night!! You are amazing and so inspirational Louise!!"

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Assisting Passengers Through HS

D.C. in UT

"I am a airline pilot by trade. I use my higher self connection all the time at work. I use it to assist in calming the nerves and assuring the passengers of a safe flight. Something in your voice [on Coast to Coast] said for me to inquire about (your work)..."

Energetic Experiences on NYC Subways


Thank you for your stories on C2C - I've never heard anyone else, other than myself, speak of the energetic experiences on the NYC Subways - it's a rich & magical playground for energies to play in & was happy to hear your experiences there & elsewhere.

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Truly Inspired


I happened to hear you on the show "Coast to Coast AM" on Saturday evening, April 29,2000! You truly inspired me! I must admit, I did not know who you were until this program.