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Saturday Drop-In
Soooo Much Fun!

This was soooo much fun I think we should do it again some time!


PS in CH

I feel such a loyalty, due to the impact you have had on me. Profound! In fact, you were one of the few connections I could suss out, back in 1987. Hard to imagine that it's been 25 years since I had my first reading. And at the age of 25, you really introduced me to something that actually made sense. That first reading set my trajectory.

You have always treated me with grace and tolerance. You have demonstrated lessons that I would have unlikely found in my life's setting at the time. For that I thank you. I've come a long way, with your teachings at the root my growth.

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Maybe Next Time...


I enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast last evening; maybe next time you're on, the host will be a little calmer and let you finish!

Thank you!

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Bullish Journalistic Mentality


I enjoyed your visit on coast to coast am, in spite of the bullish journalistic mentality of the guest host. He didn't listen to your answers and kept interrupting you. I'm so glad you were able to finish your thoughts and views, even when he tried to take you into another direction of thought. You think he would have gotten the hint.

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Truly Inspired


I happened to hear you on the show "Coast to Coast AM" on Saturday evening, April 29,2000! You truly inspired me! I must admit, I did not know who you were until this program.

Saturday Drop-In
Cosmic Winks

It was so great to have some "cosmic winks" confirmed by you!

Saturday Drop-In
A Blessing To Connect

[A friend] has talked so often about you, but every time I wanted to attend an event, the timing just wasn't right. It was a blessing to connect with you in the group today. I learned a lot from your insights into the other participants' questions. Now that I've experienced the Drop-In once, it will be all the easier for me the next time!

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Enjoyed the Interview


Thank so much, I really enjoyed your interview with Bob Lonsberry. He is a very good interviewer. I think as good as Art Bell. I am not so pleased with Mike Seigel. He reminds me to much of the run-of-the-mill gabby type negative thinking everyday talk hosts.

I will be getting your book soon...

Thank you so much!

Saturday Drop-In
Big Energy!

I knew that some magic would happen in the session! There was big energy around that group...

Measure of Reassurance

SM in CA

I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to my two session recordings with you. They give me a measure of reassurance and a sense of grounding when I listen to them. I’d like to believe that hearing the truth can have that effect on me!