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Helping me deal with grief


I just read Proof of Heaven in one day and night, so fascinating, and we'll written, and read Heart-Links just prior. These two books are helping me to deal with the grief of my husbands passing.

Fearless Future
Books on Hold

PM in WA

Two books of yours were on the "Hold" shelf at that library.. with my name on them! — 'Heart Links" and "Fearless Future." Funny that it's not been till just now that I've read them. YOU have led, and lead, a remarkable life. All of ours are remarkable, of course, but some come with those kinds of illustrations on their pages that simply must be shared.

Beyond Boundaries
Beyond Boundaries Calling to be Found!

LM in Irvine, CA

After buying your "Beyond Boundaries" at Bodhi Tree Used Bookstore in LA a few years back, when I was struggling with the death of someone I loved, I wasn't ready to share my experiences yet and kept your book, unread, in a back room shelf.

Yesterday I was cleaning that room, donating some items here & there, and only after coming upon many mementos of the person I loved who passed, I then saw your book in the back corner of my bookshelf. I had forgotten all about it. But now, It was as though it was calling for me to be found.

I read it in one sitting today and knew I must contact you...

Lost Husband

DA in NY

I lost my husband is sixty four years and it's been very painful. I found Heart-Links and read it many times and I really enjoy it. It's been a great comfort to me. I look forward to meeting with you.

Beyond Boundaries
Expansive Information

A peculiar coincidence brought your book Beyond Boundaries into my hands. A friend found it in a Goodwill book bin with hundreds of others land-fill bound and rescued it to give to my wife. I began reading it yesterday and couldn't put it down. It's like Seth-in-Action, if you understand what I mean. We were big fans of Jane Roberts when she was alive but I found the Seth principles (simultaneous time, changing the past, etc.) difficult to implement. Your book so far (I'm about a third of the way through) has cleared a lot of that up for me, and I guess I just want to tell you that. I'm surprised to learn that it was first published 20 years ago. I will follow you now to see where life has taken you since. For now, thanks so much for this expansive information. Even as fiction—a collection of short-short stories, for instance--it's got merit, a new and interesting (and highly imaginative) literary form. But I trust it isn't fiction!

Beyond Boundaries
No accidents!

JF in the Philippines

I accidentally bought ur book (Beyond Boundaries) and my life has never been the same!
I was rushing to pick any book at a discount store & i happen to like the book & its price. And I just can't stop reading & re-reading it. It's even an autographed copy. You dedicated it to Mary Jane.

Fearless Future
"Fishhook Technique"

B.R. in WA

When I was 20 years younger I hated to fly, so I always had few gins before I got on the plane, but a guy can only drink so much. I don't drink hard liquor anymore. I was in that realm today on a short flight, when I picked up your book and commanded myself to read. I read the part about "the fishhook technique."

So I did it. I pictured the rest of the flight. I saw the landing, the stop at the men's room, the baggage claim, my sister in law picking me up. What I did not expect was that instead of being trapped in my tight little mindspace of what airplanes were, I was just THERE. On the airplane, feeling the vibration of the plane bumping off of each thrust of the jetstream, no fear, just there. I could see things clearly and without my ego and fear being involved. The rest of the flight was calm, and I read. The departure and pickup went as visualized, and I'm to go to bed visualizing a day with friends, hitting balls, maybe even playing a round. Life is good. I think I will give it one more day.

Beyond Boundaries
One That Will Always Stay With Me...

E.H. in MT

This evening, I'm having a lovely time rereading "Beyond Boundaries." There are books that come through to be read, then go on their way. This is one that will always stay with me, to be dipped into time and again!

Something Personal to Learn

P.B. in India

I read your book - Heartlinks. Each chapter touched me deeply and i had something personal to learn from each of them. I am located outside the US. I wish to have a phone consultation to connect with someone who has crossed over - Thanks!

Fearless Future
A wise guide...

Larry Dossey, MD, author of Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine, and The Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Fearless Future is a roadmap of the challenges that lie ahead in these difficult times. Louise Hauck is a wise guide, whose insights will help anyone open to the potential for joy and fulfillment that lies within everyone.