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"So on point..."

SM in CH

This will be my first experience with you, although my sister once asked you about the sale of my house in Il. You were so on point with what happened, even down to the names of the people who ended up purchasing it. I believe this may be something I might like do on a regular basis!

Great to Connect With HS!

Snow Sorceress

“I learned so much from the (Starseed) podcast show. I had not been aware of you and what you do. Really awesome. I am absolutely going into my higher self to connect with other higher selves and communicate…Just had simply not occurred to me to do that. I tried it right away at a check out and WOW a great connect. Oh…and the other great tips…gratitude, child fulness, etc…Thank you for the lift up." (10.01.13)

Caught a Seattle Expo!

PM in WA
I caught your presentation at one of the expo events here in Seattle. I may have been alerted to it through local advertising, found your website, then subscribed to the newsletter. I so admire your way with the public!

'It's rockin'!

SW in CA

Much is manifesting from the readings you have given to me - it's profound, it's rockin'!

Apprentice Program
Fun with Online Remote Viewing Exercise

PM in WA
Hi Louise,
Thanks so much for sharing your time with us in the online remote viewing exercise. That was truly fun, and great food for more thought.
It's always refreshing to be in your bright energy and seeing you looking full of wellness, in real time, is just plain nice.

Thanks for all you do!


MK in CA

It was awesome to get to receive a reading from you again after all of these years. I have to mention one memory of one of my readings/counseling sessions with you approximately 1985-1986. I had a conversation with my dad who couldn't speak anymore, from multiple strokes, about not fearing death. He was holding on to life and the pain he was in because of feeling fearful of death, especially since he had not been a good person and had hurt many people. I had not shared that conversation with anybody and frankly forgot about it, for it was just my dad and me.

Approximately 3 weeks later, when you were going into to your reading with me, you were interrrupted by my dad's parents from the other side, who wanted to thank me for helping their son go without fear to the other side and that they would be there to greet him, just like I told my dad that his parents would be there for him. Amazing! You even told me my grandfathers name, James Charles, since I had never met them, they were dead before I was born.

Louise, you have helped me so much all those years ago, thank you for that! :-)

Felt Different

EA in NY
Good Afternoon Louise,
I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was talking to you on Thursday and how different I have felt right after our conversation. All of life seems to be flowing easily these past two days, getting out of my house to go to work was a struggle for me for a few years and these past two days have been easy :) . Thank you, thank you, thank you. I plan on speaking to you soon and will be looking into the apprentice program. You are such a blessing and so easy to talk to, Thank you!

With Gratitude,

Apprentice Program
It Was Just Plain Fun!

DW in Canada

Thank you Louise for mentoring me. The whole experience was wonderful. I felt safe and (not too dumb) through the whole learning process. It feels as though I've known you all my life. Finishing our time together practicing with [another apprentice] was perfect. I felt so comfortable wandering around in the Streaming Consciousness band of communication with him and didn't want to leave. It was just plain fun.

Beyond Boundaries
Expansive Information

A peculiar coincidence brought your book Beyond Boundaries into my hands. A friend found it in a Goodwill book bin with hundreds of others land-fill bound and rescued it to give to my wife. I began reading it yesterday and couldn't put it down. It's like Seth-in-Action, if you understand what I mean. We were big fans of Jane Roberts when she was alive but I found the Seth principles (simultaneous time, changing the past, etc.) difficult to implement. Your book so far (I'm about a third of the way through) has cleared a lot of that up for me, and I guess I just want to tell you that. I'm surprised to learn that it was first published 20 years ago. I will follow you now to see where life has taken you since. For now, thanks so much for this expansive information. Even as fiction—a collection of short-short stories, for instance--it's got merit, a new and interesting (and highly imaginative) literary form. But I trust it isn't fiction!

Other Realms...

BW in TX

I heard Louise on the radio, read her 3 books, and had a reading within two-three weeks time. As soon as Louise communicated with my father, everything changed, and I could see other realms.