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Apprentice Program
It Was Just Plain Fun!

DW in Canada

Thank you Louise for mentoring me. The whole experience was wonderful. I felt safe and (not too dumb) through the whole learning process. It feels as though I've known you all my life. Finishing our time together practicing with [another apprentice] was perfect. I felt so comfortable wandering around in the Streaming Consciousness band of communication with him and didn't want to leave. It was just plain fun.

Readings in the Round
Validation and Hope

TA in CA

Hello Louise,

I wanted to tell you that after I left the group reading I learned that many of the things you said to me were very, very true and I didn't realize what they were until I left. Thank you, especially on behalf of my friend who's sister passed last July. You told me things about her that I didn't know until I called my friend. I don't know if you can remember what you said but several specific points were correct (she DID sing, she DID have a brooch, she had MUMS on her grave) and it brought a lot of peace to my friend.

Thank you for the feeling of validation and hope your reading gave to me.

Apprentice Program
Life-changing Impact

CP in CA

Working with Louise as a spiritual mentor had a profound and life-changing impact on me. Louise helped me to develop skills I had long been hoping to evolve, and I found a renewed sense of hope and purpose in my life and especially my work as a psychotherapist. I highly, unreservedly recommend Louise to anyone who is hoping to deepen their intuitive and spiritual senses. Besides which, she is a delightful person and a pleasure to interact with--a real gem

Flow of Truth...

BW in CA

Louise appeared with instinctive knowledge and the courage to offer her gifts of illumination. It was an mouth dropping, eye opening experience having her share the flow of truth imminent through her mind, body, spirit from yet to be grounded resources. Her facility of the unknown and her acceptance of all things good unmatched. Her depth of understanding, past, present and facing the future with no fear is a must course in life.

Fearless Future
Books on Hold

PM in WA

Two books of yours were on the "Hold" shelf at that library.. with my name on them! — 'Heart Links" and "Fearless Future." Funny that it's not been till just now that I've read them. YOU have led, and lead, a remarkable life. All of ours are remarkable, of course, but some come with those kinds of illustrations on their pages that simply must be shared.


MK in CA

It was awesome to get to receive a reading from you again after all of these years. I have to mention one memory of one of my readings/counseling sessions with you approximately 1985-1986. I had a conversation with my dad who couldn't speak anymore, from multiple strokes, about not fearing death. He was holding on to life and the pain he was in because of feeling fearful of death, especially since he had not been a good person and had hurt many people. I had not shared that conversation with anybody and frankly forgot about it, for it was just my dad and me.

Approximately 3 weeks later, when you were going into to your reading with me, you were interrrupted by my dad's parents from the other side, who wanted to thank me for helping their son go without fear to the other side and that they would be there to greet him, just like I told my dad that his parents would be there for him. Amazing! You even told me my grandfathers name, James Charles, since I had never met them, they were dead before I was born.

Louise, you have helped me so much all those years ago, thank you for that! :-)

Caught a Seattle Expo!

PM in WA
I caught your presentation at one of the expo events here in Seattle. I may have been alerted to it through local advertising, found your website, then subscribed to the newsletter. I so admire your way with the public!

Apprentice Program
Fun with Online Remote Viewing Exercise

PM in WA
Hi Louise,
Thanks so much for sharing your time with us in the online remote viewing exercise. That was truly fun, and great food for more thought.
It's always refreshing to be in your bright energy and seeing you looking full of wellness, in real time, is just plain nice.

Thanks for all you do!

Apprentice Program
'Future Fridays'

DW in Canada

Hi Louise, Thank you for the most rewarding session today. You have such a comforting way about you.
I had a good chuckle re: the fish hook exercise. One of the things yous said was you seen me pulling weeds or something between now and Friday, and I said No, No, No not me, I never pull weeds. But no sooner had I hung up from our conversation, about 5 minutes later, and I found myself out side picking lettuce and pulling up herbs for my lunch. I sort of wandered outside mindlessly, leaving my lunch overcooking without even realizing what I was doing. So you nailed that one good!

Streaming Consciousness
Brings Me Back to My Center

JH in CA

I have truly enjoyed your books. Just read again some parts of your last book. Sure brings me back to my center and preferred self of less stress.