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A 'Ground Zero Moment'

I recently experienced a fun progression of insights that unfolded in a client's phone session. Consultations often deliver unexpected gifts to my clients — and to me as well. New ideas might become new concepts or useful tools I can use to empower other clients. A little gem from this particular session already proved to be valuable in the few consultations that immediately followed this one.

Everything Communicates!

Here's more evidence that everything is energy — and everything communicates!

This wonderful 900 YEAR-OLD tree entered into back-to-back ph sessions with a couple, quite spiritually awakened clients. I felt the tree beckoning them, wanting to draw the couple near. Then it transmitted a delightful message, confirming that it had received their hugs!

The pair are passionate cyclists, and their group occasionally rides by this formidable wonder of nature.

The photos say it all —

A Mother's Love

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Funny Thing About the Future — It never, EVER Unfolds As You'd Imagine!

Future events always arrive in unexpected ways, so I'm forever advising clients to drop their expectations as to how future information will unfold. Our imaginations simply cannot stretch to the lengths (and depths) of the Universe in its ability to devise and choreograph those possible futures in astonishing and immensely creative ways!

This client's story provides a good example of how certain prophesied events came about in a completely unanticipated way:

You'll Never Guess What's Coming — MONDAY MINIS!

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Special Valentine's Weekend Special Event!

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Calling All Angels!

Last night, I was driving home from getting a few fixings for Christmas dinner. It was a cold, clear night, the town glistening and fresh from an afternoon shower. As I came around a curve, I caught a magnificent view of the city's lights, colorfully staged for the holidays.

The view reminded me of another beautiful vista I once loved, up in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. The first lookout was only a few minutes drive up the sixty-six mile Angeles Crest Highway, overlooking my hometown of La Cañada. On a clear day, you could see all the way to LA and the Pacific Ocean.

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