Angels — and 'HO HO HO!'

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Guess Where Louise Is Headed This Fall?

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The Continuum of Consciousness

The study of consciousness fascinates me, particularly the CONTINUUM of consciousness as it relates to my work. I witness first-hand, a never-ending stream of consciousness — complete awareness — coming from souls who've made their transition and transmit from the non-physical, and from those preparing for 're-entry,' before their imminent birth. I'm most intrigued when those pre-birth souls demonstrate awareness of their parents-to-be, and a clear sense of their upcoming mission.

NYC: Caught Up In The Herd

When I first moved to NYC, back in the 90s, it took me a while to ease into the flow of that intoxicating city and not feel overwhelmed by its frenetic pace. One day, I found myself approaching the crosswalk on a crowded street, and soon became embedded in a huge cluster of pedestrians — professionals, shoppers, students — all apparently headed in my same direction. I trusted they were more in the NYC groove, so I let myself get pulled into their flow.


9/11/01. I took the first photo from my rooftop. Incredibly surreal to watch. So many souls went to the Light that day.
Here's what I journaled about the experience and in the days following the tragic event.



BUT WAIT ~ THERE'S MORE! ~ to the August ‘Monday Mini Moment’


You may have read the earlier story of a Monday Mini participant’s pup who made an unexpected appearance in MM session earlier this month. In short, her pet showed up to urge her owner to decline further therapy for her terminal condition — to release her, and allow her to make her transition.

~ Monday Mini Moment ~ August 2015

In a recent Monday Mini, a participant came online looking quite sad. When I tuned into her frequency, I sensed she had been feeling ambivalence and confusion about a decision, quite possibly involving medication. Suddenly, the gal's sweet moppy-faced pup jumped up to lie beside her on the couch, nuzzled her owner, and then looked straight into the webcam. There were now two faces sharing a Skype square.

July Announcements!

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A 'Ground Zero Moment'

I recently experienced a fun progression of insights that unfolded in a client's phone session. Consultations often deliver unexpected gifts to my clients — and to me as well. New ideas might become new concepts or useful tools I can use to empower other clients. A little gem from this particular session already proved to be valuable in the few consultations that immediately followed this one.

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