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Calling All Angels!

Last night, I was driving home from getting a few fixings for Christmas dinner. It was a cold, clear night, the town glistening and fresh from an afternoon shower. As I came around a curve, I caught a magnificent view of the city's lights, colorfully staged for the holidays.

The view reminded me of another beautiful vista I once loved, up in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. The first lookout was only a few minutes drive up the sixty-six mile Angeles Crest Highway, overlooking my hometown of La Cañada. On a clear day, you could see all the way to LA and the Pacific Ocean.


— it's the start of the '2-fer' (until January 15th!)

Interview on 'The Invisible Dimension' Radio

Louise has been invited to be a guest on a wonderful new radio show, The Invisible Dimension on Wednesday on November 19th at noon/Pacific at or Skype '', hosted by Sue Tribolini. You're invited join the conversation in the chatroom or by phone!

When you get an intuitive hit, have you wondered how far it can take you, and what else is possible? Let Louise be your tour guide to escort you into this vast and fascinating multi-dimensional world. She will show you how to get there through Streaming Consciousness.

Paying It Forward

On Monday of this week, I posted a link to this wonderful 'pay it forward' account of my Facebook page. I encouraged followers to do the execute a similar kind deed that week.
Here's what happened for me at the end of that same day —

My 'Payi it Forward' story:

Going Beyond (Holiday) Time!

You'll find a few verry tempting invitations in the latest eNewletter!

Straddling Two Dimensions!

Science Is Coming Around!

Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Achieved For the First Time! I wonder if they might eventually call it — telepathy!

I laugh whenever someone asks me, "Do you believe in telepathy?" — as if it's a religion!

Labor Day Telepathy Contest!

Welcome to the LABOR DAY Streaming Consciousness TELEPATHY CONTEST!

This Labor Day, September 1st at noon/Pacific, Louise will focus on a particular photo for several minutes.

At that time (or anytime before or after, since the flow carries you into a 'no-time zone' where past-present-future exist simultaneously) — get in the flow and tune-in!

Follow-up To the ValuJet Story in Heart-Links

I recently made contact with the mother who shared her son's story in Heart-Links (see story below). She and her husband were in the audience when I did some 'tuning-in' one evening on the Inner Voyage Cruise in 1996. They came to the next evening's presentation with some fun confirmation regarding a message I'd relayed to them from their son (in the nonphysical) that previous evening. Now, so many years later, she has shared some additional, remarkable follow-up information.

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