Straddling Two Dimensions!

Science Is Coming Around!

Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Achieved For the First Time! I wonder if they might eventually call it — telepathy!

I laugh whenever someone asks me, "Do you believe in telepathy?" — as if it's a religion!

Labor Day Telepathy Contest!

Welcome to the LABOR DAY Streaming Consciousness TELEPATHY CONTEST!

This Labor Day, September 1st at noon/Pacific, Louise will focus on a particular photo for several minutes.

At that time (or anytime before or after, since the flow carries you into a 'no-time zone' where past-present-future exist simultaneously) — get in the flow and tune-in!

Follow-up To the ValuJet Story in Heart-Links

I recently made contact with the mother who shared her son's story in Heart-Links (see story below). She and her husband were in the audience when I did some 'tuning-in' one evening on the Inner Voyage Cruise in 1996. They came to the next evening's presentation with some fun confirmation regarding a message I'd relayed to them from their son (in the nonphysical) that previous evening. Now, so many years later, she has shared some additional, remarkable follow-up information.

The Return of Saturday Questions!

Coming your way Saturday, August 23rd. Here's info.

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Fun with 'Future Fridays!'

An apprentice and I recently traveled to each others' upcoming Friday to take a look around. But first, we employed the 'fish hook technique', thereby creating a magnetic pull from that future moment — back into the present. This process sets up a progression of synchronized events that unfold in the days leading up to Friday, when certain designated tasks WILL have been accomplished!

Fun Adventure Ahead!

Read about it in the latest eNewsletter!

"It Was Something Special That Touched Me"

I'm working with a client in the ILC who is very good at putting multidimensional experiences into words. He recently shared with me one that I'd describe as 'being in the flow'...alignment...connecting to the Divine. He said it actually felt more as though some force was reaching out to touch him. I think his description is worth sharing, and I have his permission to so do:

It's Spirit That Moves Me

I'm often asked how it is that I'm able to pick up and move to my next destination, often times, in just a matter of a few days. Pure and simply (I say) — 'It's guidance kicking in and synchronizing the events that point me in the new direction, and then my spirit leads the way."

I'm currently working with a client in the Intuitive Life Coaching Program, who recently defined this process in a wonderfully clear and concise way:

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