The Story of the Tiny Red Balls

A fun chain of events led to a participant attending Louise's presentation at Seattle's East West Bookshop earlier this week. She received wonderful confirmation from her non-physical brother. He showed that he remains forever connected to her through the love they share, flowing as one in the Stream through eternal, non-local consciousness!

Here is what transpired that evening —

And here is her story:

It's Labor Day! Louise's TELEPATHY CONTEST has begun!

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Straight From the Horses' Mouth!

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Louise relays a message (telepathically) from the Higher Self of a horse belonging to an audience participant. She came to realize the horse was cautioning her not to use spurs at the upcoming competition! He’d overheard her communicating her intention to do so.

Guess What's Ahead?

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Strong Future Events vs. Free Will

I recently posted the report of an amazing 'serendipitous synchronicity' on the Illuminations Facebook page (5.13.13). It's a story that makes you wonder about destiny and free will. Here's where I explain 'SFEs' (Strong Future Events) and how they interact with free will in Fearless Future.

From Chapter Five: Accessing the Future — Strong Future Events and Free Will

Changing the Past

I often meet with clients who regret their past. Some wish desperately to go back and change it. I show them how we can alter our perceptions of the past in present time — the future of our past — and actually change the past! (And of course, changing the past creates a different future!)

Here's a study using the principle of 'quantum entanglement' to explain this phenomenon:

The Merry Month of May

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ENTRAIN: vb — to adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an external cycle, such as that of light and dark.
I can feel this effect with clients when we take an initial deep breath together, remotely or in person. This essentially 'entrains' us onto the same frequency.

Watch this wonderful example of (what I would call) — ENTRAINMENT! It's really precious...

(Be sure to watch to the end!)

Clairaudience — Visualizing vs. Imagining

I've found it fascinating to work with apprentices who are extreme 'empaths,' helping them fine-tune their gifts, while at the same time exploring new ways to help them separate their own feelings from those of others. I'm also enthralled by some observations I'm making in sessions with a apprentice who is extremely clairaudient. She receives intuitive information, exclusively, auditorily.

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