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Intergrating Multidimensionality Into Our Daily Lives

Here's a wonderful example of how a greater understanding of multidimensionality, and greater trust in one's own, innate intuitive gifts, can (and ought) to integrate beautifully into our daily (and professional) lives! An apprentice recently sent along her documentation of how this is coming about in her own life:

Metaphors Abound in 'Her'

I just caught this movie, thought it was a bit slow, but chucked full of intereseting metaphors. For example: Joaquin Phoenix' character falls in love with a highly intuitive computer operating system. In a brief moment, he laments that she doesn't have a body, and later apologizes for the slight. "Oh, no!" she replies, "you don't understand how freeing it is to be without a body! I'm everywhere!" [Remind you of another state of consciousness?]

"What are your thoughts on 'sideways in time' and 'parallel timelines?'"

Q: Louise, I have been interested in the concepts of simultaneous time, the psyche and multidimensional reality since the 70's. I do feel that the next big leap in mankind's awareness will be the understanding of the same. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions do greatly influence the realities we experience.

Anyway, I do have a couple of questions: What are your thoughts on sideways in time and parallel timelines? — RJ

Hold the Space for Angel Sightings!

The angels intervened during a recent session with an apprentice, indicating that she had sensed their presence. They wanted to confirm moments in which she walks in her garden and experiences a sudden, brief flashes of light in her periphery — that she is, indeed, having an angel sighting. Angels seem eager to give evidence of their close proximity to us in our daily lives.

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2013 Streaming Consciousness 1st Telepathy Contest Photo and Results!

Thank you to the participants of the Streaming Consciousness Telepathy Contest!

A Daisy Chain of Thoughts

On this past week's flight, I watched as a mother expertly transferred her young daughter, about seven years old, from her wheelchair to a seat across the aisle from me. As the mother patiently helped her little girl get comfortable and settle in for the flight, speaking in quiet, soothing tones to her, I felt my heart open to the love between them. Instantly, we were all one in the Current of Unity, any former perceived boundaries between us blurring.

Remembering 9/11

Today marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11. I documented my experiences as I moved through the days following that fateful event. Prayers for those left behind who are revisiting their losses today.

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