It all has to do with bringing ourselves into alignment — releasing fear and control — and then accessing feelings of gratitude and appreciation – and then let the magic begin!

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Hints of Spring

Louise addresses the disappointment felt by some of you regarding expectations around December 21, 2012.
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Louise's (vintage) 'Inner Voyage' Interview

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Louise presented on several 'Inner Voyages' in the past. Here's she's interviewed by the host of 'Inner Views."

Meeting in the Woods

A fun thing happened the woods! — well, to be honest — the woods were 'virtual.' When I work with clients in the Intuitive LIfe Coaching program (ILC), I'll take a few moments to intuit their own sacred space, a place for them to go to in meditation or when they find themselves in fearful or stressful moments.

Cosmic Wink

A client's (non-physical) loved one alerted her to a 'cosmic wink' that she'd be receiving in the night sky. It came in the evening at the end of a very challenging day — a celestial hand reaching out to her!

[Shortly after I looked at this, an apprentice picked up on 'the image of spikes of light radiating out from DIvine Light' — floating around in my consciousness! Yay!]

Sensitive to Energy

I've been working with an apprentice who is a natural healer, a gal who is extremely sensitive to energy. When she was a little girl, in order to change radio dial, she used to switch her position to receive the correct frequency. Initially, she'd adjust the dial so the sound on the radio dial was perfect. However, she found that when she moved a few inches away from the radio, she would get static in the airwaves. She learned that to get the clear signal, she would have to adjust the dial to be fractionally off the clear signal, so that when she moved away, the station would become clear. She thought that everyone could do this!

'Event Boundary'

I cringe whenever I hear — "There goes another brain cell!" THE CELLS ARE LISTENING! I say. (I'm convinced that my spirit hangs out at 39!) I've alway suspected there's sumpun' funny going on, whenever I enter a room and forget why...

Read about The Boundary Effect

God and Wives

“And God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth.
Then He made the earth round ... And He laughed and laughed and laughed.”

Streaming Consciousness Flows Both Ways

I frequently interpret for my clients' pets — their thought projections flow through Streaming Consciousness TOO — but when I recently relayed a clear projection of a yellow ribbon (tied in a bow) to my friend from her cat, it showed up in a movie that I watched on TV the next evening! Her kitty was pulling a future image from MY consciousness!! It's all in 'the flow' — fer shure — (and it most definitely flows both ways...and beyond linear time!)


For 2013 — I hereby joyfully resolve to:

  • Live more fully in the moment, so as not to miss all the magic happening here!
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