Watch and listen to previous television and radio interviews from some of Louise's favorite media spots—and stay tuned to upcoming recordings in the future!

Louise's Interview with Rev. Kevin Ross on - 12.15.10

Louise really enjoyed this interview with "Rev Kev." What a multi-dimensional guy! Listen to how his non-physical parishioner coached him re. her own memorial service!

Straight From The Horse's HS!

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Louise taps into "streaming consciousness" and interprets telepathically for a participant's horse during a presentation at Chicago's Equilibrium, Energy & Education. "Sharp object?—It was the spurs!" the owner exclaimed, later recalling that she'd recently made the comment (in earshot of the horse)—that she might use them at the upcoming dressage competition!

"Piggybacking" On Her Frequency!

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Louise describes how a "non-physical" loved one was able to "piggyback" on her client's frequency during her presentation for Chicago's Equilibrium, Energy & Education in Sept 2010.

Telepathy Happens to Everyone!

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Louise gives an example of how we're all pulling information—telepathically—from each others energy fields—all the time! She was speaking at the 2010 Seattle Women's Show.

Souls Who Are Born—Remembering!

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This year at the Sacto Learning Exchange, Louise shared one of her best examples of souls who project specific scenes—"sneak previews"—of moments that will be occurring after their birth—before they enter this linearly perceived time/space continuum.

Louise's Favorite Angel Story

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Louise loves to tell the story of how she relayed a message to a client—from Archangel Michael! She was speaking to the Sacramento Learning Exchange, a favorite speaking venue for many years in the past.

His Mother Sent Him a Recipe—From the "Other Side!"

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Louise tells one of her favorite stories during an evening of "Readings in the Round" in Sacramento—a message that came from a participant's (non-physical) mother during an "RIR" in Columbus, OH, several years ago.

An Interesting Perspective re. Judaism, the Kabbalah and Louise's work

Listen to Louise's interview with a gal in Tsfat, Israel, a mystical mountain community located a couple of hours north of Jerusalem. The woman has assisted a Tsadik (wise man) there and offers insightful observations re. Louise's work and Judaic perspective. Louise's daughter converted to Judaism and lives in a strict, Hasidim community in Jerusalem, the subject of Louise's next book.

KMVR "Earth Mysteries" Interview: Discussing Grief and Loss

Haines Ely is one of my most favorite interviewers. He hosts the "Earth Mysteries" KMVR-FM radio show in Nevada City, CA. Today he invited me to join in a meaningful discussion with Lori Whittiker about grieving and loss. I come in around 22:23, responding to some very good points that Lori has made about purposeful grieving being "the extension of love."

Louise's 2010 Presentation to the Inside Edge

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This has been one of Louise's favorite venues, where spiritually awakened seekers meet on the UC Irvine campus at 6am!