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Louise Goes Live - Topic: Taking Charge

Louise talks about owning your place in the Universe as the highly intuitive being that you're here to be. To consciously "occupy your space" elevates you to a higher frequency, but when you "vacate the premises"—you'll find yourself at a lower "vibe" (literally!) Your reality—and who/what you attract—depends upon whatever frequency you tend to oscillate.

Louise Goes live - Meditation: Taking Charge

Louise Goes Live - Topic: Global Information

Louise Goes Live - Meditation: Global Information

Louise Goes Live - Meditation: Air Balloon

Louise Goes Live - Meditation: Inviting in the Higher Self

Louise Goes Live - Meditation: Secret Garden

"Good Morning Arizona" interview

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Listen to the cute response from the anchor gal, when Louise's mentions the amazing turn of events in the story, "Snowman Poop," from her book, Heart-Links.

1998 Leisure World TV Interview

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Here's a vintage video from 1998 interview with Louise at Leisure World in So. California

Visualized Meditation Adventure

Louise will guide you through this journey to help you receive the gifts and illuminate the path you'll travel into the times ahead. [To download: Once the recording has uploaded, right-click (mac users control-click) on recording bar and select "Save as Source" (mp3) or "Save as a QuickTime Movie."]