Now you can download recordings that Louise sold in past years as cassette tapes: Breaking Through the Barriers, Transcending Linear Time, and Visualized Meditation Adventure. You can also listen to "Louise Goes Live" segments, broadcasts from London following Louise's move from NYC, following 9/11. (After each broadcast topic you'll find a corresponding mediation).

Watch and listen to previous television and radio interviews from some of Louise's favorite media spots—and stay tuned to upcoming recordings in the future!

Louise's 2016 Fall Travel Trailer

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Louise had lots to share from her Fall travels to US cities and to Tuscany!

Louise's 2014 Radio Interview on 'The Invisible Dimension'

Listen in on the fun chat Louise had with with host Sue Tribolini on her wonderful new radio show as they discuss Louise's work and the fun she has with her apprentices!

Seattle's East West Bookshop 2013 'Tuning-In' - Part 1

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Audience participants often arrive with expectations that they'll hear a 'magic word' or phrase from a loved one that will convince them of Louise's authenticity and the validity of the messages. Louise had just discussed this with her audience, adding that she —and 'they' — do not like to be tested, and that love ones come with their own agendas! And then THIS happened...

Seattle's East West Bookshop 2013 'Tuning-In' Part 2

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Louise loves to demonstrate how we all have access to infinite information in Streaming Consciousness — beyond time and the non-physical dimension! Every-so-often she'll pull in information that fits for TWO OR MORE participants, all the way down a list of matching features!

Louise's (vintage)1996 TV Appearance on the 'Other Side'

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Louise was a guest on this 'time travel' segment of the show. Jenna was a client who joined her to report about conversations she'd had with her future grandchild from the year 2020!

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Left-brain vs. Right brain

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Louise talks about the key to right-brain intuiting!

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Fun With Apprentices

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Louise lights up whenever she talks about her work with apprentices!

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Flipping the Intuitive Switch

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Louise gives an example of how she intentionally turns of her intuiting switch when 'off duty' — but at times it inadvertently flips back on!

'Dark Harvest' 2012 Audio Recording

'Dark Harvest' 2012 Online Radio Interview

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Louise enjoyed her guest interview with Dan Morro on his new show, "Dark Harvest" — a timely title as we're about to head into Fall! Dan's energy is fresh, and Louise found his questions to be wonderfully inquisitive, opening up the discussion to a number of fun and interesting topics!

Here's Louise's pre-interview video, the suspenseful story she refers to — and here's the recording from the "Dark Harvest" interview!