2010: How to Let Your Spirit Move You

On Louise's upcoming 2010 Fall Tour she will be presenting, "How To Let Your Spirit Move You"...through each and every day.

How to Let Your Spirit Move You

The Spirit is the spark that ignites the generator of the Soul. When it's free, it flows naturally through 'streaming consciousness,' a frequency that exists outside the body, non-locally — and beyond time and death.

Louse will show you:

• How to free your Spirit — and what impedes its flow.
• What does that feel like?
• How can it be utilized for your greatest good, and for the good of others?
• How to experience the intuitive gifts and Divine inspiration that are part of that flow.
• How to receive, "de-code" and translate intuited information into this 3rd dimensional, time/space-oriented reality

In this workshop, Louise will work with the group, intuiting for individuals to demonstrate the process of coming into alignment with Universal consciousness. You'll see the results that come from increasing your transmitting/receiving 'bandwidth," and learning how to 'dial' into the frequency that's the conduit through which your Spirit flows — between you and the Source.

Alternate/workshop 'blurb'—

Louise will demonstrate techniques to help you yield to your timeless, expansive spirit: receive clearer guidance, increased (serendipitous) synchronicities and cosmic winks! You'll gain a new understanding of 'heaven,'déja vu, precognition, time travel (heal the past and experience a better future), alignment, manifestation, and insights to replace old misperceptions that result from living life in this "time/space continuum."

She will show participants how to align with their eternal spirit and facilitate:

  • Blending with the physical and non-physical dimensions (where loved ones reside).
  • Transcending time: crunch it, override it, go beyond it, and create future "portals."
  • Fast-forwarding through the commercials; the tedious and mundane regarding life-in-the-physical.
  • Experiencing the spirit's Lightness of Being: it's levity, it's expansiveness, it effervescence—even while inhabiting a body!
  • Taking the remote control from the Ego-Self, and handing it over to the Higher Self: all-knowing, all-seeing, and infinitely wise.
  • Out-smarting the doubting, rational mind, and opening the floodgates to Divine inspiration, creativity, and highly intuitive "hits!"

When pre-arranged by producers and program coordinators, Louise does 'spot' readings in audiences as a way of taking participants behind the scenes to show how she utilizes her gifts-of-the-spirit—that others might better trust their own!