2017 Schedule

Contact Illuminations for consultation scheduling, to attend a scheduled Readings in the Round), to host a small group reading, or reserve for a presentation when seating is limited (if other contact info isn’t listed).

May 8

Radio Interview: KMVR Earth Mysteries

Don't miss Louise's interview on Haines Ely's KVMR radio show, 'Earth Mysteries' on Monday, May 8!


Bay Area, CA

Consultations in Pt. Richmond

16 & 17

Nevada City / Auburn, CA

Consultations in Auburn


Bay Area, CA

Consultations in Mill Valley


Southern California

May 25 - June 1st: Newport & Huntington Beach + Irvine area
June 2-6: San Diego area

May 24

Presentation for the Inside Edge – Irvine, CA

Louise returns to the Inside Edge, a favorite venue through the years.
Topic: Transmitting From the Heart — The Functionality of Telepathy and Communication with the Higher Self


Presentation for InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living — Mission Viejo, CA

Louise is looking forward to presenting for the first time at illuminating Rev. Sandra Moore's InSpirit Center in Mission Viejo.
Topic: 'Consciousness and Connectivity'

Nov 1 - 4


Louise will be having fun in Chicago — while seeing a few clients during her stay near South Side / Lower West Side. Email early to reserve!