2009 Schedule

Contact Illuminations for consultation scheduling, to attend a scheduled Readings in the Round), to host a small group reading, or reserve for a presentation when seating is limited (if other contact info isn’t listed).

April 26-28

Hemet, CA

Presentation: Sun/April 26 at Church of Religious Science & Unity Church Sunday Service - "Broaden Your Intuitive Bandwidth!"
Workshop: "Becoming a Receiver" - Sunday afternoon
"Readings in the Round": April 27 - minister's home
Consultations in the area: April 28 & 29

May 1-12

Tustin and Newport Beach, CA

Presentation: May 8 at Tustin Unity Church - "Broaden Your Intuitive Bandwidth!"
Consultations in the area May 2, 5, 6, 10 (Mother's Day)

May 13-14

Bay Area, CA

Consultations in the area (limited number): May 13 & 14

May 22-26

Portland, OR

"Readings in the Round": May 22 - tentative
Consultations in the area May 23 & 24

May 26-28

Seattle, WA

Consultations in the area: May 28