2018 Schedule

Contact Illuminations for consultation scheduling, to attend a scheduled Readings in the Round), to host a small group reading, or reserve for a presentation when seating is limited (if other contact info isn’t listed).

Sept 6-12

Columbus, OH

Sept 8 - 'Readings in the Round' - private home, contact Illuminations for invite
Sept 6,7, 9-11 - Private Consultations

Sept 14-17

Virginia Beach, VA

'Readings in the Round'
Intermittent Private Consultations

Sept 19-25

Eugene, OR

Sept 22 - 'Readings in the Round'
Sept 20, 22-25 - Consultations

Sept 28 -
Oct 2

Seattle, WA

Sept 29 - Presentation: Louise's return engagement at East-West Bookshop
Topic: Consciousness and Connectivity — Soul-to-Soul Communication (plus 'tunning in')
Sept 30 - East-West Saturday Workshop: Accessing Your Own Connectivity (plus 'tuning-in')
Oct 1 - Private Consultations and/or 'Readings in the Round'* 2-5pm at the home of Louise's Seattle Coordinator in West Seattle.
Oct 2 - Special Presentation for Caregivers — East-West Bookshop