Changing the past with astral projection

It was amazing to find people who believe it is possible to astral project to the past with the possibility of altering the present. So far I have projected a couple of times only briefly. Has anyone been successful with changing things? From what I have read people in astral state telepathically communicate. If this is so, can you telepathically communicate with your past self? And would you have stronger abilities if you astral projected as a group?

Changing things

I have been doing this for some time now, astral projecting, but I am not able to change the past. Or, a more correct statement would be, that I have never focused and tried to change the past.

I believe the past is what it is. I focus only on the future.

During these times, I just enjoy the experience of being able to do this. I have learned to stay focused so that I don't slip out of the experience. I can also move from one situation/ setting to another; if I stay focused; otherwise, I slip out and fully wake up.

It's a great capability. Placing yourself in a "dream setting" and acknowledging this while in this dream setting and being able to manipulate while in this stage. I think it's awesome. I can do and be who ever I want to.

Also, it's kind of weird. There's a weird feeling that I briefly feel when I'm moving into this stage. It's kind of how I imagine time-travel to feel; where there's a moment of an eerie/odd feeling of your spirit shifting to another time or dimension - A place which we don't fully understand because, it's not time for us to fully understand.

Like before fire was discovered, or refrigerators were invented, are electricity was discovered; It just wasn't time for those things to be known yet.

Our brains are capable of so much which we, now, will never come to understand. Perhaps in many many years from now, what we call "astral projection" will be in an advanced stage and a very common thing to do.

I am also able to feel and vaguely hear the presence of spirits or something. I've been able to do this since I was a young teenager. I never attempted to communicate with them though. Although, they quite often bother me. Unfortunately, I've always been too scared to pursue and sharpen my capabilities.

Integrated soul!

I've enjoyed musing over your post, W.Marie. You remind me of apprentices who are wonderful examples of souls-in-the-physical, serving on the front lines as "Light workers." They're living proof of the current shift and expansion in consciousness that's occurring on the planet at this time. I call it, "becoming an integrated soul" = remembering more aspects of your totality; the true nature of your total, eternal, evolving soul. I'm enthralled, watching folks like yourself, who exhibit such conscious awareness of your dual nature. Here's how I see things:

First, there's your eternal, non-local, non-physical, expansive, multi-experiencing spirit that travels between dimensions — in and out of the physical experience — and has some awareness of "it"...observing..."self." You recognize its vitality, the spark that ignites your soul that's responsible for transporting all that "you" have ever been or experienced — the memories, the wisdom, the essence of your total, expansive energy. And of course, there's your "Higher Self" that oversees, coordinates and choreographs it all — through it's intimate link to the Source.

Then, there's the "you" that's temporarily being a physical "self," and pretending to be nothing—but! Personally, I think it's part of the deal, in exchange for the opportunity to experience another earthly "tour" in a body. It's how we get more cluck for our buck — remembering to forget...until we start to ask, "Is THIS all there is?"...and then begins the process of remembering. Or, more relevant to what you wrote, perhaps that's when it becomes "time to know," or to really, truly...remember.

Don't be afraid to trust, experience and express all that you are. Don't fear that your all-knowing HS sometimes gifts you with experiences to remind and confirm to you that we don't "die." As to feeling "presences," I often help apprentices harness their gifts, and create proper filters that allow in only "that which comes in the Light — in the sight of the Source!" No hanky-panky allowed!

One more thing, you wrote, "It's a great capability. Placing yourself in a "dream setting" and acknowledging this while in this dream setting and being able to manipulate while in this stage. I think it's awesome. I can do and be who ever I want to."

I believe that you're approximating life "on the Other Side." (Calling it "life in the 'non-physical'" is my attempt to steer folks away from the perception that it's a place!) When we "drop the body," we're simply (and amazingly!) just that — pure consciousness without a body — non-physical! One particular apprentice (a psychotherapist) and I have had some great adventures with a former (now non-physical) client of hers in her office. I thought-project to join them there (where I've never been in the physical). We hang out and do telepathy games. Once, her (past) client took us on an excursion of his momentary "heaven." It was very real, and..dreamlike.

But hey, life is but a dream! — (in and out of the body), eh?

Thanks so much for sharing!
much love

Experiences in our unconscious confort zone

Thanks for your insight. Years ago, I thought about being hypnotized to see if I could discover some answers to my experiences.

You call it "pure consciousness without a body", that's interesting.

There's so much to life. It sometimes becomes very overwhelming for me because I "think" so deeply, searching for answers. For me: my belief is that there is so much more to life than the obvious.

For instance: Our brains with it's many capabilities which we have yet to fully understand. It would be a great gift to see someone who uses, if not all, perhaps 80% of their brain. That would be something great to see.

I know, we are capable of so much more - unfortunately, we today will never get to experience our brain being at it's full potential. This today is only a small fraction of what is to be.

Having gifts, whatever it may be - From astral projection experiences to - mathematicians who can quickly answer the most complicated math problems without pen or paper (or calculator); or, being able to speed read a chemistry book for the first time and fully understand everything. Or, perhaps your a 12yr old college student who's Ace-ing every subject; Or your born with the gift to draw without ever having taken a lesson, etc.

Gifts are a part of EVERYONE. It's an addition to who we are. (There's the creators/inventors of the pen and pencil, toilet paper, fire, computers, chairs, wheels, electricity .... ) without "gifts" these things would never have come about and we'd still be in the freezing dark whiping our bottoms with leaves and lord knows what else.

I truly believe that the "maker" gives gifts and insight to everyone and as a whole we have sculptured society - for better or worse.

Look how far we have come: from dinosaurs, living in caves, cowboys & indians, etc... In another 2000 years, the world as we know it will not be recognized. (I do think a control will be put on births though - otherwise, this earth will become vastly over-populated.)

Sorry, I somewhat got off the subject of "astral projection".

Thanks again Louise !

W. Marie

Back to the Future

This is an interesting topic and I'll be watching to see what comments are contibuted to the thread.

I'm always interested in the "next thing" or the future, but I have been pulled to moments in my past that actually became a "deciding factor" when I haven't wanted to listen to my own intuition. Circumstances that now that I am in my 50's, I have plenty of previous landscape to reflect if we return to the deciding moment and chose the other path perhaps we would reflect on the advice or lesson that would have been realized had we not been exercising a strong, arrogant free will at that moment.

Clearly, if you "blast to the past", view another point of view you will reframe your current circumstances...I'm going to try this experiment out.
Anyone else?

@ Life Artisan "Back to the Future"

That was nicely put -

" if we return to the deciding moment and chose the other path perhaps we would reflect on the advice or lesson that would have been realized had we not been exercising a strong, arrogant free will at that moment."

I agree, if given the opportunity to go back to that "fork in the road', I'm sure most would take the other path. For most, there is a time in life when we wish we would have not picked door number "one".

Communicating with your past self!

Great question! I've often said that I wish I could "go to myself for a consultation." I guess that's called meditating. However, I was once successful (in meditation) at visualizing myself—as if sitting across from myself—where clients used to sit when I'd read them at my home in Newport Beach, CA.

Sure enough, I did get some interesting info on myself—beyond time—when I tuned into the energy field of that "other" one who sat before me. I wasn't exactly accessing my past self (it was more my future self), but nonetheless, it was a greater part of me, tuning into that "other" me, in that present. Goodness, our timeless consciousness is so incredibly vast....

Creating new potential futures

Lindy Flynn, Sandpoint, ID
Read "Beyond Boundaries", and then "Fearless Future" within the last month. AMAZING Now my desire is to utilize this material, practice it, co-create my life and assist and inspire others.

So if you have helpful hints in creating new potential futures by healing the past, healing the inner child, Please share. I look forward to this thread. Now Is The Time. Blessings, Lindy

"Now Is The Time!"

Indeed, Lindy, it's through present—NOW—time that we create a portal into a "no-time" zone, where we can heal the past, create positive future moments, and merge with concurrent "other life spaces." This zone is where I happen to spend most of my professional life, watching little "videos" that I can rewind to the past, pause (and scan) in the present, and fast-forward to the future. It's also where non-physical loved ones "dial in" to transmit humorous, healing and insightful little pantomimes that I interpret for my clients. It's all pretty cool, and I really enjoy taking my apprentices there when we do our multi-dimensional work together.

Lindy, you asked how to create potential futures by healing the past. Once in a meditative, relaxed state, ask to be shown what you need to know to gain relevant, empowering insights from the past. Then let yourself drift to a pulsating moment—one that pulls you in. Be there. If you feel stuck, pretend that you're arriving there. Then watch as a detached observer, getting a clear overview of what's going on. See what your little-girl-self is doing; how she's feeling. If it's a moment of stress, strife, or a particular dramatic incident taking place, watch as it unfolds.

Now get the little girl's attention by whispering a little "Pfffst!" her way. See her turn to look at you. She starts to focus her attention on you, away from anything else happening around her. (She may even do a double-take once she spots you there! Then, telepathically send her the thoughts,"You are so loved, dear one. And how very brave of you, showing up in this childhood to experience the contrast you'll need, to propel you in new directions, onto a path towards greater love and joy!"

Finally, invite this little girl to come live with you. Feel as though you're adopting her. Take her by the hand—gently, lovingly—and lead her out the front door of that house where you grew up. Then feel yourself bringing her back with you to the present. She's now in your care.

You can love this child like no other being ever could—or ever will. Hug her. Take her to bed with you at night and cuddle her. Make her feel loved. Now that you're connected, she will let you know when it is she in you who feels lonely, abandoned, angry, scared...she'll let you know. Allow your greater, timeless self to give her the love she needs. You'll notice your relationships changing with those around you in the present when your little-girl-self is feeling loved, when she's getting what she needs...from you.

I'll be back soon, Lindy, to describe how to pull a thread to the future and create a probable, positive vignette.
Much love to you (both!), Lindy — Louise


I posted a comment in the other thread, but I am certainly intrigued to find out anyone else's experience and/or knowledge.