How to raise your spiritual vibration

I was just wondering what some other people do to raise their spiritual vibration. I work with very traumatized people and love my work, but find that sometimes my energy is dragging by the day's end. For me, focusing on being grateful, getting outside of linear time, appreciating animals and plants and nature, practicing compassion, reading inspirational writing, making music or art are all ways that help. But I would also like to expand my repetoire...suggestions, please!

Raising your spiritual vibration

Yes I understand that kind of work must be draining. Being grateful and positive and everything that you mentioned is helpful in keeping your energy levels up, but I believe that there is something else that can be helpful. This universe runs on prana or life force or whatever you want to call it. We take it in in order to function and survive. It is also the currency of spirituality. Without it we become lifeless, tired and exhausted in our efforts at living a fulfilling life. I recommend meditation and breathing exercises to recharge your spiritual bank account. Meditation and breathing exercises help you to take in and store prana. This raises your spiritual vibration. You may find this website of interest to you

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Thank you for this great reminder, Pat! I was happy that the gal called into last night's Coast to Coast interview with her comment about getting so psychically drained from doing this work. Your suggestion is so important. Many of us forget to breathe! I often laugh to myself at the start of a consultation, when I'm asking the client to take that first deep breath with me (to get us in sync) — I think, "Gee, why don't I remember to do that more often!"

Thanks so much for sharing!
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