Honesty Is The Best Policy

If you are always honest with yourself regardless of the effect that might have on your ego, you will find it easier to determine whether the information you are receiving is coming from your mind or your heart.

I find it very helpful to keep in mind that it is considerably easier to make a change in yourself if you can first recognize your own weaknesses and faults.

Again, it comes back to being centered. The closer your relationship with your innerself the easier it is to be a channel and recognize Truth.

Being in Alignment

Whenever I do whatever I can to simply bring myself back into "the beam"—into alignment, I'm home free, back to center, nothing but truth. Abraham/Esther Hicks is masterful in coaching us about all the magic that happens when we're in alignment—and how to get there. She/they make it so simple: go to the thoughts that take you to feelings of gratitude and/or appreciation. Boom. Back to center.