Changing the Past - How to (Part II)

We have already talked about the possibility of changing the past. Many desire to do so. The question now is HOW TO.
In PART I, the consensus is that astral projection is the most direct and practical way to. I agree with that.
How many of you can astral project at will? I think this is something we all desire.
I have been able to do it sporatically, which is why I have not been able to change anything in the past on a consistent basis. It is my goal, and probably the goal of many of you to be able to do it on a regular basis to have some sense on continuity.
So, here is where we can share to help each other in achieving time travel through astral projection and making it a regular part of our lives.
By the way, Louise has some wonderful insights into it.
RELAX your whole body. It is easier said than done, believe me. We've got to lay aside the demands and pressures of the day and go into an entirely different mode. Whatever was messed up during the day can always be fixed.
And, finally, total joy is yours. You deserve it. Never say that it's too good to happen to you.
Let's hear some more comments from you. We're looking forward to it.


Really mind-blowing mind mapping applications you posted here and i used 2 of them, but i like the mind genius. What a utilization of tools and effects you did, It's really amazing work,

LET''S Chat

Where do you want to chat?

Hey boyzelda and Mozart

you guys want to talk somewhere on chat? I tried to register with timechatter but for some reason i never got the e mail confirmation back. Pls lets talk more on this as we all share the same interest and determination.


nature of reality

Where I get tripped up is what time traveling through AP or another way would mean about the nature of reality. If I change something in my past, that most likely will change the lives of many other people as well. It starts to make everything seem unreal, like I'm the only reality there is, which is unnerving. Another way of looking at this is the idea of multiple timelines or dimensions, but then what's going on with my consciousness in these other timelines that I'm unaware of? How can that be 'me'?


I just watched this on YouTube. Both amusing and educational. I learned more in 12 minutes than I have in a lifetime. Enjoy.

Far out!

This certainly is a very clever explanation of our multi-dimensional Universe (and beyond!) — analogies that describe how it is that we're able to "go beyond time" — quite relevant to how I make use of doing so in consultations.

I found this analogy especially intriguing: The "two-dimensional 'flatlander' ant walking along the newspaper. Then to fold his two-dimensional world to the 3rd dimension — he would magically disappear. I wonder if this would serve as an explanation for the phenomena of "bi-locating?" Just a thought...

literally changing the past

I am very curious about whether it's possible to go back and change an event in the past. I've discovered that typically when people start saying they can change the past, as is happening here, it turns out they mean changing a perception of the past. Then if anybody starts asking about literally going back and changing the past, meaning it could be verified by other people or documentation, the person who says he or she can change the past starts waxing philosophically about why people want to change the past rather than focusing on the future. It's like there's some moral deficiency with having a desire to change the past.

If there are people who actually can do this, who have time traveled, say, from 2011 back now to 2010 and get to move forward again from this point in time -- or if they have gone back from 2010 to 2008 and changed something, then returned to 2010 -- they sure are quiet about it.

literally changing the past

I have exactly the same experience. For 4 years I have been trying to contact people with claims of successful time travel and changing the past. In hope to find out the precious technique they generously would share with me. All I got in return is moral scorn. Quite frustrating, first they use the wrong and misleading wording and become offended if you take it literally. Why not simply to write 'we can change our attitude to the events of the past'? (rhetorical question) As frustrating as it is but can anyone ever go back and change his past? For example, marry another person, not let you brother out that day and save him from the car accident?


I hear that so much. Yeah, I can forgive what I did. I can forgive breaking someone's nose (which I literally didn't), but also I change my ways from now on and ask the person to forgive me, the damn nose is still broken.

The point I'm trying to make is that we need to look further than that.

This is what I do. I can only go to moment in the trance state and change very insignificant things, bit the whole point is, I want to make a significance different. I wasn't happy with my past. I am not happy with my present. I want to make my past happy and my present happy. The only way is to change my past. I would be creating a new timeline and go back to the present (probably the new time line in the present.)

My goal is to do it every night. Get a biofeedback machine that has good meditation presets. Also visualize the diagram on the website under time reversal.

I find consciously making the changes in the past in the trance state (and that means meaningful changes) the past and present will be a great deal happier.

That's what I know so far.

About your attempts Mozart.

You guys think alike with me when it comes to this annoying b.s. about how some people talk about changing the past with there rosy speeches about how you can let go of pain or whatever or change your perception what what happened to you, damn! if i wanted a shrink I would had phoned one up! my real desire is actual changes in the past done through astral projection/altered states of conciousness which would mean, if successful, some things would of course never have happened and yourself your consciousness would theroretically exist in another september 18th 2010 on another timeline or I guess you would exist in anydate from when you went back and changed something and you'd exist on another timeline.

I wanted to ask Mozart somethings. A few times you have said you have changed very insignificant things, could you give examples perhaps of what you have changed which have been minor? I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything but if you did change anything in the past wouldn't that mean you would theroretically exist in another timeline and not here from the time you made the change no matter how small? pls tell more about how you changed something and what proof you got that you did. Thx.

Would any of you guys want to talk in any chat messengers anytime soon about this topic? I need some people who are serious about this to talk to and seems you guys are taking it serious and are not these positive thinking annoying types lol. Yeh its all far fetched but what the hell....its worth a shot.

Before I forget....something else for Mozart: have you tried to conduct any "past changing experiments" for example say if you told someone something today then in 1 days time went back to that day when you told the person that thing and somehow stopped yourself then in the present went back to the person and asked what they thought of the strange or unusual thing you asked them a day ago, if it works and you stopped yourself asking them, then of course they should have no recollection of what you said (it could of course also mean they have a bad memory lol so make sure you ask someone who's memory is reasonable and ask them something unusual like something weird that they remember as being odd just so they would recollect it) you tried anything like that Mozart or anyone else? ty dudes.

changing the past

Hi Karnov. I feel Louise must be getting a bit hacked off with all this talk of changing the past but whilst I can appreciate what she does and how for things such as seeing dead loved ones again and discovering more about your true self these things are very helpful, for changing the past these methods simply don't cut it for me. Maybe if you wanted to put it behind you it would be a different story but everything I was looking forward to was then and I'm now drifting further away from it. Time may be an illusion but sadly it's one enforced by rules and regulations on this physical plane. Like not being able to do certain things once past a certain age and so on. I know that time is still happening and with any alteration made if you could get there through astral projection you would in theory change your whole timeline as you know it from that point on. I want to of actualy done what I wanted to with it and not just accept it didn't happen and look to the future. I regret absolutely everything since 1st january 2004. Sure there may have been the odd moment that was ok but I realy don't value any of it. It was a learning experience sure, and I would never discount them important lessons but in no way has it made me a better person and all that nonsense. Its realy knowledge thats only of use to me at that time. I will say to any still interested in this to come to Timechatter. Its a forum where everyone has a genuine interest in time travel and is friendly and open minded. Me and Mozart are there. We both realy want to do this by christmas, I can't bear to see 2011 and still be stuck in this hell.

Re. Astral Projection

I used to use Robert Monroe's "Journeys Out of the Body" technique to take students on astral trips in one of my earliest metaphysical classes. Yes, it was cool...once they attained "lift off," I'd guide their astral-selves to their homes and instruct them to check their answering machines, and to take note of the number of messages that would be awaiting them upon arrival of their physical selves, later that evening.

I recall a client from years ago, a stockbroker in NYC, who mentioned that he used to astral travel all the time as a child. He said that he'd start daydreaming about apples...then oranges...then a forest...then he confided, "Finally, I'd shoot up and out of my body—like a Tampax!" He didn't realize that he actually been running his energy up through (the colors of) each of the chakras.

I guess my focus has been primarily to desensitize folks to the true nature of their energetic, non-local, timeLESS consciousness. I believe that this = expanded consciousness into which we are evolving. Soon, I feel that all your suppositions and curiosities about "time-traveling" and "changing the past" will be answered. And you'll see that it's easier than you could have ever imagined.

to change attitude

I can go back and visualize. If I wanted to change my attitude I would not have needed another timeline. But for me everything is about 'broken nose' and how to make it unbroken. That's what I call 'changing the past'. Whether it's realistic or not is another question but I am looking for means to change actual events.

Changing the past?

Yeh traveler I am trying to find out about this particular subject in AP also.

Some have said they've been able to become themselves in the past again like "re entering" their own younger body and some say they've changed their past. Can this REALLY be done astrally? if you were somehow able to give information back to yourself in the past would that obviously not effect your current timeline? meaning when you come to return to your body you would return to your body in another timeline? some people who claim to have changed their past and came back to talk about it I am highly skeptical of but I want to know if in anyway your past can be changed through Astral Projection. The thing that makes me have belief in this is I believe in the simple basis of there not actually being any time and it being nothing but an illusion. So that being the case, there should not be any boundaries in the past present or future when you are looking in the Realtime zone after projecting. Its only when your back into your normal waking physical brain does the time filter kick in again.

Anyone know anything about this? anyone experienced with traveling in time in Astral Projection? thx.

I need to change something

I need to change the past in order to be happy right now. If I change something or the way I acted at a certain point in my life I know I will be happy right now. How can I go about this? Do I need to achieve astral projection in order to travel back in time? Will I be able to communicate with a past me im order to change this part of my life? Also any great tips on meditating would be great as I am not very good at relaxing.

One response for two queries?

Hello, Indiana!
I hope that my latest response to Fred will be helpful and somewhat relevant to your question. Thank you for participating in this Forum Discussion!

much love

Re: Changing the past

If I were to project to the past and change a decision I made:

1. Would I be aware of having made the change? Or would I forget about it completely because the initial decision would never have been made?

2. This has been addressed before, but I cannot find the exact post. During projection are we able to inhabit our younger bodies to consciously change our decisions?

3. If we inhabit our younger bodies, would we be pushing our minds of the time out? As I understand it, it has been said that all time is happening simultaneously. Meaning that at this moment the younger version of myself still exists. But I am confused because that would mean that our soul would also exist simultaneously and that if we were to inhabit our younger selves, two souls (or astral bodies) would be present at the same time in the same body. Or would my current soul simply fuse with the younger version until I leave the younger body?

Any answers would be appreciated very much, as this is truly an intriguing subject.



Using a Different Lens

Really good, thoughtful questions, Fred! I think that one reason that we're constantly baffled in our attempts to understand concepts such as the "illusion of time," time-travel, changing the past, etc, is that we inescapably see through a lens that comes with being physical beings. It truly tunnels our vision as to how things might truly exist - beyond time and the physical dimension.

I suppose that I've gained a bit of a handle on all this from having lived so much of my professional life (literally) in a "no-time zone." When I read your post, it felt to me as though your ever-expanding consciousness stretches to wonderful possibilities, then lands there (in the past, for example), and tries to look around through the eyes your physical-self's perception of reality—and you hit the wall.

One of the greatest gifts that I've received from doing this "work," is from having tapped into (what I call) streaming consciousness on a regular basis. For me, it explains everything: how we're still existing in our past (and can change it), the illusion of death, and how we're already hanging out in our best, potential, probable future.

I go to a frequency in myself that allows me (with permission) to merge with another's timeless consciousness—whether that soul is currently existing in physical or "non-physical" form—and at any point in time. When I experience this—it's all the same.

For example, I might merge in this way with a client, then see through his/her eyes at 4 yrs old, when the stepfather is sneaking into the bedroom with inappropriate intentions, or just as the 7 yr-old is being chewed out my his raging father--whose future self (in the present) continues to feel worthless. Yes, this process does change the past when I travel there through the client's timeless energy/frequency/bandwidth and look around. And then I invite the client to come join me.

Seeing the little toy cash register, the model airplane, or the plaid bedspread for example, can trigger memories of a painful past that a client has buried, or perhaps he/she has inevitably "disassociated" from feelings altogether. When clients recall even the slightest little vignette, then we're able to invite that child-self into the present. This is where that child-self can be cared for by the present self—that part of timeless self (in the present) that is learning to trust his/her to the Source, the one place where they can truly feel valued and loved. Such a process does change the past—and the future. This is much of the good work that many folks are doing in counseling.

So when you ask, "..Or would my current soul simply fuse with the younger version until I leave the younger body?"---do you see how you confused and misled you become when you think: "physical...body....before...after...older...younger?"

Try thinking of your consciousness as a cable or dsl internet connection. When my apprentice could tell that her "deceased" husband was tasting ice cream through her one weekend, it was their eternal, ongoing heart connection that is the conduit. He was literally "piggy-backing" on her frequency. They'd been on the same frequency since the day they met, and that has never ended, even since he "dropped the body." No different with aspects of yourself existing in the past—or present and future—and in "other life spaces." It's all ongoing "streaming consciousness."

I hope this helps to shift some perceptions for you in an expanding, clarifying way, Fred. You're asking some great questions.

Using a different lens

Thank you for your reply. It seems to me that you are saying that we do not actually change the past, just our perception of it and/or how we relate to past events and how we let it affect us.

My initial understanding was that the past could literally be changed. Take for example the client who at 4 had an unwanted encounter with their stepfather (the example from your post above). I think I understand your 'streaming consciousness' idea. For example if we were a computer (which our brains are, in a sense) then all past events would be saved on the hard drive and we could simply access our 'browser history' if we wanted to change something.
So for example what I wanted to know is, could the client access their consciousness at 4 years old and make the decision to scream for their mother (having known the original outcome) before the stepfather has the opportunity to damage them?

If our consciousness is like an internet connection to any time or place, then surely we have the ability to travel to (browse) that time and give ourselves information that would that would 'literally' change the past. For example, if the client were to access their younger self they could pass on (upload/download) information that would cause the unwanted interaction with the stepfather to never have happened, thus creating a completely alternate reality. (I understand that the stepfather could then at another time attempt it, but that is not what I am getting at).

Then in that completely alternate reality, (going with the streaming consciousness theory here), since the events were changed, would we have any memory of having made the change to that reality?

Also, would the reality we know now split in two and go off in two different directions? For example (again, streaming consciousness, internet cable) if our consciousness were like a dsl cable, could we place an 'adapter on the cable, allowing the connection to go to two different 'computers' or alternate consciousnesses. Then could we cut the cord on the original time-line and only exist in the time-line which we changed for the better?

I am trying my best to understand this, as it is very complex.

I read somewhere else on this forum that meditating on the preferable reality for something like thirty days would lead to a 'bleed-through' effect in which reality would slowly change to the point where the past, present and future would be changed. That also intrigues me.


More on Changing the Past

Hi again, Fred - I'm still on the road, currently doing consultations in Jerusalem. I have, however, found a spare moment in which to ponder your thoughtful questions, while contemplating other deep thoughts in this powerful spiritual vortex of the world. (A provocative interview conducted in Tsfat was just uploaded onto the News and Media section on the website).

I love your analogy, the way that we can time travel (browse our "internet connection" through "streaming consciousness"), access the past ("saved on the hard drive"), pull up a specific past event ("from our "browser history"), and change the outcome.

The client who was abused by the stepfather could revisit the event, see herself crying for help (instead of suffering the abusive act) and thereby prevent the incident from having occurred—in an alternate reality. Yes, I could imagine the process as being similar to a DSL cable with a splitter, connecting two differing, alternate realities.

Isn't this essentially what happens in therapy? By revisiting unresolved past issues, doesn't the therapist (a good one) work to reposition the client in ways that validate and empower her in that past, and then move forward with a focus on integrating the resulting positive insights into the client's present reality?—or in a sense, to receive the benefits or "bleedthrough" effect from the new, alternate reality—into the present one?

Though the subject of time travel and changing the past is the focus of this particular forum discussion, I still muse at people's need to change the past. I wonder that the "ego-self" doesn't sometimes grab the wheel an attempt to control things by re-writing the script. If one truly believes that there is a bigger picture unfolding that does make sense of things, and that challenging events are configured on our paths to (hopefully) lead us to new growth and enlightening insights....well?

This is not to minimize the grief of people who suffer overpowering shame and guilt from past events. I recall a client years ago, a mother who had left the cap off the cleaning fluid container in her garage. Her little toddler son drank the fluid and "died." Who wouldn't want to change such a tragic event, and shift over to another reality where it never happened! This would take us to a whole other discussion re. destiny, free will and "strong future events."

I think that we're better served by valuing the contrasts in life (good choices vs. the results of less-wise ones) and the opportunity we're given to make the wiser choices from our dumber ones—and yes, as cliche as it sounds, to learn from the past. And then, to face forward and focus on creating a better future.

Yes, in meditation one can revisit the past and re-orchestrate an event, then follow along the resulting alternate path—feel there...then let the alternate path into your present reality. Personally, I continue to resolve that had I chosen differently with some of my less-than-wonderful past decisions (like the decision to marry my first husband)—there are things that I'd likely be missing in my present...such as these seven amazing g'children that I'm visiting in Jerusalem—who only speak Yiddish! How boring might an alternate route have been, I ask you?!

Using a Different Lens

I am sorry for double posting, but I am hoping for a reply to my above post.



Getting back to you---hopefully beyond time!

Hi back, Fred!
Sorry - I'm currently on the road and haven't had a chance to respond to your (once again) intelligent questions. I hope to transcend linear time and respond in the very near future!


Thank you; but confused

Thank you for your reply, Louise, and I look forward to you insight. However I am not sure what you mean by getting back to me---hopefully beyond time, and transcending linear time to answer me. Do you mean that you will attempt an experiment to change a detail of the past, in order to tell me if it can be done or not?

Again thank you for taking the time to respond,



is that kind of meditation?

is that kind of meditation? my sister -in law regularly does meditation every morning and she told me how we can travel our mind in past and seems interesting to me. can you talik about it in more details?

change the past

Hello to every one I like that idea , change the past it is really good when we think about our past we discus our past mistake and we decide to do goon in future, we try to change many other things. We ever learn through our past experience some time i really dont understand past is already past so now how we can change it , i think we can change our present and future to but not past . we can just remember our past golden time period , life is not just finish in style or fashion, so it is not enough we must think deep what we are doing and what we are doing for our kids.

any new news?

I frequented this board, but I have not seen any updates to this. Is this a sign that Mozart1234 and Philippides no longer frequent the board, or have they found a new timeline?

I certainly hope that it is related to the latter. I'm sure I am not the only one here.

Many people seem willing and eager to learn these techniques. I, myself, am attempting to change something small in the recent past. I would love to hear from anyone else who may know information regarding their experiences - attempts... anything.



Where did they go?

Hah! Karmastu, I enjoyed reading your speculation, "...have they found a new timeline?" You might have asked, "Has their consciousness slipped into another concurrent/alternate time space?"

You know, I don't feel that this time travel thing is really all that complicated. We travel to wherever consciousness takes us, through (and beyond) time, as well as to the non-physical, where loved ones enjoy a more expanded and timeless consciousness than we're able to perceive, given our limiting time/space-oriented filter in the physical.

I believe that our curiosity re. time travel and the true nature of consciousness is indicative of the acceleration of consciousness occurring in these times. We're questioning time, because our soul knows that it's...relative. We're suspicious about the concept of death, because our timeless consciousness know that it truly does not exist.

I believe that even as consciousness is expanding and evolving us beings in the physical to experience ourselves (as physical beings), as never before. I see this happening in my work with Illuminations apprentices. When I position them in specific ways that allow them to circumvent the doubting, skeptical mind out, they absolutely knock their own socks of, amazed at the highly intuitive information they've brought through. I love it when that happens.

Exciting times, these!

Try This

You want to keep everything as simple as possible. Dr Fred Wolf's books are very good (Dr Quantum) The Time Travel of Yoga and Do-It-Yourself TIme Travel. It doesn't, however, have much to do with changing the past.

I think this is a method that might work for quite a few of you. Do your relaxation meditation, and when your mind and body is very relaxed, imagine building yourself a room with a time travel machine. It can be just as detailed or as simple as you like. I live in Austin, Texas and mine is like this: It is on the side of a rocky hill between my house and Barton Creek Mall. There is a double door that opens up. The interior is natural rock. The room is simi circular. There are waterfalls on either side of the room. I have a very comfortable chair that leans backwards, and I have a blanket to cover up with. The time machine is very comfortable to reach. I have all the settings that I need to travel either to the past or to the future. I imagine myself applying all the specific settings on the time machine for where I want to go, where in time I want to go (the month, day, year, hour, a.m. or p.m.). I have a pause button if I want to continue later. I have a button to press to take me back to the present. It is really very simple. Directly above me is a dome. After I have applied all of my setting, there is a hot air balloon with a magnet at the bottom that is drawing my astral body upward to be in the time desired and to be the age I was at that time.

I have a feeling that this very simple approach will take you far. And, for verification, ask family or friends, when you come back to the present time, about their recall of what you were like during the time period you just visitted and see how different their memory of it is.

Did you create a new time line? Most likely.

Anyway, give this a try.


This method reallly works. Creating in your imagination an ideal time travel room and time travel machine to your specifications is very effective. Also, to astral travel to your past, the hot air balloon with the magnet at the bottom of it pulling you up works well. Now, keep in mind that it usually takes several tries to be successful. Also, sometimes, especially at the beginning, you'll be taken to a different part of your past then what you had in mind. If and when this happens, just go with the flow. Your higher consciousness is pointing you to an area that needs a cleansing of blocked energy. For example: I time traveled to the time I was in high school in the band. I had a fear of marching and messing up. That is an area to gain confidence in. But also, you will gradually be able to go back to the exact moment you want to also. It does take practice, patience and persistence. Good luck. I feel this will help you accomplish your goals.

Hi everyone,Has there been

Hi everyone,

Has there been any progression with travelling to the past to change an event?
Has anyone notice any changes after such time travelling?


Do you have anymore information that you could share with all of us? I would love to hear from anyone else that would tell us of their own time travel.



Hi everyone,
I am wanting to go back to the recent past to undo a horrible event that took the life of a loved one due to medical negligence. I have been asking everyday to be shown how to go back in time to undo this event. As this is a recent event you can imagine that the stress I am going through will make meditation almost impossible for me at this stage. But everyday I think about being able to go back in time.

A few days ago I had a dream where a person guided me through time and space travel (by space I mean from one place to another here on earth). I was lost and late for an appointment. He told me to close my eyes and to trust in him. The next thing I knew we had travelled from one place to another and was on time. He looked at me very seriously and told me "you see, it can be done".
This dream jolted me as it felt so real. Has anyone else had messages like this in dreams or any other state?


What a special gift, to have been sent your own tour guide to escort you on an exclusive adventure beyond time. Better than the best ride at Disneyland. Yup, it's all real. More than once, I've participated in adventures where non-physical souls took me along my clients (in a phone sessions)on a tour of their heaven. Really cool.

I feel for you, your pain and desire to change a "horrible" event in the past. Yes, we can project our consciousness to the past to change it, meditate regularly on a resulting alternate outcome, and yes, we'll eventually see evidence of a "bleedthrough" affect in our present. But we have to ask ourselves why we would attempt to change another soul's path, even when it has involved tragic circumstances or devastating loss. I love the saying, "When we're born, we come in crying, while everyone cheers. When we go out, we're cheering, while everyone weeps."

In countless consultations, I've interpreted for non-physical souls who convey (through their "telepathized" projections) their absolute glee, at realizing how much they accomplished--how much their soul evolved--by playing out a life-changing, often life-ending scenario. To my grieving or guilt-ridden clients they'll say, "You played your part just fine. You did what we agreed upon. So did I. The plan worked!"

Sometimes the agreement is a karmic one, an opportunity to experience the other side of a difficult issue. On a soul level, we've often pleaded to have that kind of experience in another ("future) life space. [For me, the karmic vignettes feel like trying to shake sticky tape loose, off my fingers. My thoughts become obsessive about the situation (or person), no matter how much I may have regrets or try to analyze and control it. Intuitive, healing insights eventually come to me, and the whole thing neutralizes...over time.]

Other times, I see (clairvoyantly) that tragic circumstances have actually pulled "deceased" souls through lifetimes of fear concerning death itself. They were given the opportunity to experience "death" in slow motion, only to observe in the end--literally--that it's all an illusion! We've been hoodwinked!

This isn't to minimize anyone's pain from experiencing devastating events--some, beyond belief--but rather to encourage others to pull the camera back and "ask to be shown" the bigger picture. This can enlarge our perspective and help to heal--or at least transform-- the pain...over time.

A Course on Time Travel

Oh hi! It's been a long time since this board has been active. I hope you all come back!

I've only found one website on time travel and how to change the past. I think this will work quite well for those of you that are already meditating successfully. My meditation skills are not so good. When you travel back to the past, you will be aware that you have shifted and will be able to change past events. You can contact the Author of the site and ask him whatever you like. He always responds to any questions, no matter how outlandish they may seem.

Course on Time Travel

That is a very interesting website. I ran across it about 8 or 9 years ago, but felt bogged down by the content at the time. Since then as I've learned and hopefully grown some, much of what I've seen so far seems to ring true with what I know in theory at least. The Open-Eyed Meditation in the very first excerpt has an effect that is both calming and invigorating at the same time, one that must be included with my daily regimen. One other thing: Here's a visualization that arose rather spontaneously after reading the section on comparing the 3rd and 4th dimensions. I started visualizing myself inside a sphere of light energy that converged on my solar plexus from all directions, and projected outward at the same time. Not sure yet if I'm on to something here. I'll keep working with it.
If nothing else happens, it'll at least give me something new to concentrate on in developing my visualization skills.

"Feel the calling of a miracle in the presence of the word. Now we hold the right to rearrange how the stories can be heard." -- Yes

I"m Back Again

Hi, everyone. I'm back again. I feel I have been "burned at the stake" by well meaning family members as they have put a great deal of pressure for me to return to fundamentalism. Anyway, this is a really hot topic these days. Check out Do-It-Yourself Time Travel by Dr. Quantum (Dr. Fred Wolf). It is an excellent reference. Also, his book, "The Yoga of Time Travel" is great. This coupled with Dr. Bruce Goldberg's "Hypnotic Time Travel" will take you far. It will open you up to some fresh possibilities. The main thing to keep in mind is to realize that the past, present and future is occurring simultaneously and that all three is not set in stone and can be changed (only the decisions you have made) for our good and for the common good of all. Also, Dr. Quantum adds some interesting twists, namely remembering the future. Our memory works two ways....backward and forward.

Hi, Louise. I miss you. I hope to get back with you shortly.

A question...

Wouldn't changing the decisions we made have an effect on those made by people around us, and thus possibly change their actions as well?

"Winding like an ancient river, the time is now again" -- Rush


Live life be free

does someone's younger self exist physically?

It would be nice to have a young physical body again. I would like to go to a parallel physical world where I'm young again and live my life differently.

Two goals...

It was around 1990 that I started fantasizing about going back and reliving my life. Back then I wanted to start over at age 10. But that was a long time ago, and the events I wanted to change are now irrelevant. There are many things and people in my life now that I wouldn't change for anything, except for two. At this point in my life, I would like to only relive the last ten years of my life, changing it so 1: my ex-girlfriend and I had stayed as just friends, and 2: So I could get back every cent I ever spent on internet porn.

Based on everything I've read in here, it really does look possible, and it's time to find out.

Ya'll have a great day.

"Winding like an ancient river, the time is now again" -- Rush

Re: last comment

I humbly apologize if my last comment offended anyone. It was early, I had just gotten up after hitting the snooze button six times, and it wasn't very well thought out.

"Winding like an ancient river, the time is now again" -- Rush

Question from the peanut gallery

I'm new and therefore have just started following this particular study...But I have a question. When you go into a younger self and do things differently, do you notice changes in your present?
I don't want to go back far...But I want to change the present that stemmed from the past. Going into an alternate timeline was suggested in Changing The Past Part I, but is the alternate timeline where the concious that went back goes? Or does it come back to this timeline and then a happier timeline runs on without it?

Everything happens for a reason,
but everybody makes mistakes.

Changing the Past

If only what we learnt from our mistakes and experiences could be used to go back and make things better - maybe the world really could be a better place. There are people who could really make a difference in this world but who die too young - if we could prevent their deaths then they could reach their full potential and those who love them would also lead a more fulfilling life - does anyone out there think that there's a way to prevent/reverse death?

"Where there's a will there's a way".

Different Choice

About seven months ago, a decision I made was srong and has brought pain to all those around me. I seek the ability to change that decision. I have other places in my past where different choices would assist me with money, love, or any inumerable boosts to my current situation. However the choice made those months ago is the only one I am acting on to change. I can handle knowing the pain that was caused and even the guilt for the rest of my life. I want to change this for truely the betterment of mankind and this world as a whole. It was a bad choice and I need help on how to project a new choice to my scared former conscience or to take over long enough to make the other choice. Please give me your assistance you may never know how much of an impact you could make, but I assure you that the energy of this universe would bring flowing into you higher realizement.

Creating an Alternate Reality in the Past

Dear Time Travelers! I thought that I'd take a break from my writing and add a little something to this wonderfully stimulating discussion! Indeed, the past does continue to exist, relative to your perceptions of it. Try putting any number of siblings together in a room and lock the door. Each one will have seen your shared past differently—"NO! Mom loved YOU best!"

When I consult for clients, I typically view specific scenes from their past - actually merging with their consciousness and seeing through their eyes a moment that they're still experiencing beyond time - in THAT present of their past. Those moments reveal certain beliefs and perceptions that were learned and integrated, carried forward through time in the continuum of their "streaming," timeless consciousness. Past perceptions create a particular lens through which subsequent (future) experiences will be viewed, affecting their future by manifesting in the form of stumbling blocks and repeating dysfunctional patterns. That's the beauty of changing the past - changing your PERCEPTION of the past---creates a NEW FUTURE.

There is a wonderful source from the 70s: The Nature of Personal Reality, channeled by "Seth" through Jane Roberts - it's really a primer for advanced metaphysics. Seth talks about changing the past, suggesting that in meditation, you revisit a particular scene that you desire to change. See yourself making a new and different choice in the past. FEEL THE RESULTING EMOTION. Then follow a path to the new and different outcome that that different choice has created. See it. Feel it in your bones. Meditate on this different outcome - this alternate reality you've created - for 5-20 minutes/day. Seth promises that after 30 days, you will start to experience a "bleed-through" effect from that alternate reality into your present. You will have created a new and different present--and future.

This is the reason I take the time in consultations to view (clairvoyantly) influential, impactful moments in my clients' past--to reposition them "back there"and create a new empowering scenario to override negative childhood themes and events, ones that triggered feelings of abuse, abandonment, distrust, betrayal... Next, I "pull a thread" to the future to view (and describe) a sample of the new, positive effect of that change in the past.

Look into your PRESENT to spot the negative themes that continue to repeat themselves in your day-to-day life. Then follow a thread from there to your PAST. Search out (or "ask to be shown") a scene, an example of where you learned the mis-belief: maybe that you're an unlovable person, or that God has abandoned you, guilt or shame for such-and-such...Let yourself FEEL the negative emotion that became instilled in you, ones that are likely still within you today - sadness, despair or futility, anger, loneliness, distrust...

CAVEAT: this process is not for the purpose of taking you to the past to LIVE in the past. I've worked with clients who've been in therapy for over twenty years! - going over and over and over the gory details of their past, a process that is likely to feed a victimized identity in the present. One of my favorite sayings: "There is a fine line between self-REALIZATION and self-ABSORPTION!

Spiritual seekers become WARRIORS when they wake up and pay attention to their thoughts and emotions in the present. They become attentive to the effects of their choices--esp. the really DUMB ones. They create a backdrop of contrast to show you what really does and doesn't work for you, inspiring you to make new and enlightened, Divinely-inspired choices in the present. It takes a lot of effort to become CONSCIOUS. But well worth the effort. This is how you can travel to the past to change your present AND your future.

I applaud your intentions and willingness to see beyond the illusion of this physical (sometimes very misleading) reality!

Sending you love and empowerment along your amazing journey.

much love,

(Apologies for my lack of available "time" to respond more often, and currently--until this next book gets out there!)

Changing a past decision

Hi Louise,
I am new to this board and I see there has not been much active posting lately, but this is the exact topic I need to know about. You touched on being able to actually change the past and perhaps save a life? with a quote by 'Seth'

" Then follow a path to the new and different outcome that that different choice has created. See it. Feel it in your bones. Meditate on this different outcome - this alternate reality you've created - for 5-20 minutes/day. Seth promises that after 30 days, you will start to experience a "bleed-through" effect from that alternate reality into your present. You will have created a new and different present--and future."

Have you worked with people to help them achieve this? I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about astral travel and time travel so that I could go into my past and save my son from a tragic accident that happened about 2 months ago. I feel like I have made a little progress with my meditation and I think he knows I am doing this and is trying to help me with it. Is it possible that others interfere with our freewill and lives are taken too soon sometimes? I feel that he is telling me his work was not done here and he should still be here.
Is there help for someone like me from the psychic community to either get "brought up to speed" with the energies of the universe, or where a group of people can all work together to help each other achieve a goal of changing the past?

Thanks for any insight or guidance you can give.


I'm confused

Regarding the caveat,does that mean it's impossible to go back and actually relive up to the present day? That we're "just visiting" and get yanked back to the present at some point?

Changing the past

For the past few months I wish I could have gone back and told myself something regarding a particular relationship I was having. The girl I was in a relationship with eventually felt as if I didn't care about her and she decided to move on, and every day since then I'd wish and pray I could get a chance to go back and make things better, to show her that I really cared about her.

Thats what brought me to this website and it pleases me to see people so enthusiastic about a concept such as this. A question I have is...Is it possible to go back and lets say, write myself an email explaining how the present me feels and what I need to do to change things? And if this were to happen, and I wake up from my meditative state, I would assume I would be in my alternate time line. But, would I still be sitting in my room just finishing the process, or would I awake to myself doing whatever it is I would be doing if everything went according to how I wanted/told myself it should be?

Changing the Past...

Hi, I'm new here, but I have been looking for ways to go back and change the past. My boyfriend of almost 6 years died on September 29th of a massive heartattack. It was the 2nd one in a year he had had and they said that the stints they put in were completely blocked. Changing him dying isn't the only thing I want to change in our lives together. There has been so many things over the last couple of years that had us, not enjoying the love we have for each other, but having to deal with his daughter and her drug problems and her not taking care of her kids and so much stuff. and I really need some help. I know that this is possible. I have a hard time doing the meditation thing because, well... sad to say... I fall asleep before I can do anything. I really need whatever help you guys can offer me. I didn't just lose my best friend or lover when he died... I love my soul mate and a part of myself... I had bonded with him last year to keep him alive during the first heart attack... I don't know if anyone here knows what this is or understands it, but I did. My grandfather used to say that you know when you truly love someone when they are willing to give it all and you won't take it. I loved him so much, and a lot of people say that, but I've been through some rough stuff in my life and in all the relationships I've had, no one has ever made me feel the way he did. Granted I didn't really give him a choice about the bonding, but I know that he didn't want to leave me. The last thing he said to me before he died was I love you. So if anyone could please, and I emphasize the please, help me. Their are no words to explain how grateful I would be. Thank you for any insight you can offer.