The Challenge Of Forgiveness

This is much easier said than done. But, what healing and expanded opportunities there are in learning to FORGIVE....both ourselves and others. And, from personal experience, I think both may be equal as difficult.
There is a saying that "we are our worst enemy." It seems to be so evident in so many lives.
It is my greatest battle. I feel I can do so much more to raise vibrations around me and beyond by going beyond self judgement. This applies to us all. We ALL have unlimited potential. For, we are all equal souls learning lessons. But, we MUST forgive ourselves and LOVE ourselves in our imperfections (or our illusions of our imperfections.)
But, here's a real whopper! We may think we can forgive everyone. Well, yes we can. But, is it all that easy on an absolutely UNCONDITIONAL level? Here is a real challenge. There is probably one individual at least in everyone's life that we probably have very unkind thoughts about, no matter how loving we think we are. I have more trouble loving our present President of the United States than anyone else I can think of at the moment. But, try this: Think about the person you resent so much. Then, ask your higher self to reveal that individual to you from a soul perspective. When you are given understanding, you will be able to have a softness in your heart toward that person. I would like to know what it would feel to walk in our President's shoes and understand him from a personal perspective. It might just be a big step forward in our spiritual growth to take on this challenge.
Have a good day. James

Can one forgive themself?

I find this the most difficult truth of all. To whole heartly forgive myself for all self destructive actions and attitudes when I have acted out of fear and shame, to honestly withhold self judgement and scorn. Therefore, hold myself in my own loving heart of I reread these words I think I have some work to do.

The result of self love, truly exercised in a life, might just be amazing.


Impossible is nothing

That's True

Good point.


Louise also brought out a very good point in one of our sessions. She said that if we use so much energy being so angry with the war and the way things are being handled in Washington, we might actually be causing it to happen more and more, which is not what we want. Don't get me wrong. I still believe in protests. But, if we create a reality of peace within our own personal space, we will probably more effectively be creating a better reality for others as well.


There is a realm within us all to forgive all. It is, of course, never good to hold bad feelings within us. However, I am also learning that we need to feel what we feel, regardless, with honesty and know that it is ok to feel that way so that we can release these feelings and move on.
Personally, I protest our executive administration whole heartedly, as I feel I should. Why? For the good of all. Whenever one feels "for the good of all" is not happening, then it is time to take action.
However, to balance the picture....feel the anger, bad words, etc....But there comes a time to move on.....release it all to the universe. How about...visualizing? Visualizing brings about creativity of what we desire. What do we want for our people? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness....Liberty and justice for all. Move toward these things.