When bad things happen to good people

I still have a hard time when someone I care about is going through a real rough time. I so get frustrated that I can't take their pain away. I sure would if I could.

Being strong is the best

Being strong is the best trait you could have. Try to practice to be more tough and strong in order to think clearly what to advice to your special someone.

Life's Lessons

If we are here to learn lessons, how do we know that we are not getting in the way by helping someone?

How do we know?

...if we're interfering with another's path when we step in to help?
I've found that it's my own need to control the situation by trying to heal, resolve, save the day, stop the pain, when: a) the person resists my offerings. They may actually be having to tolerate me and my determined efforts; or b) I reach a point where I find myself feeling resentful and unappreciated for my attempts to help. I've wondered more than one, if this the tell-tale sign that indicates I've been responding in a co-dependent way, and in the process have crossed over my own personal boundaries? OR...is that point of resentment...a boundary in itself, a signal to pull back into my own center.

Helping Friends in Pain

I've had to learn to observe myself when I get the impulse to rescue another, especially when I later resent some sacrifice I might have made at the time—or offered something that I couldn't afford to offer—that I later regretted. When I'm able to catch myself doing this—sometimes impulsively—I remind myself to PAUSE, to BREATHE into the situation (or the hearing of the friend's sad story), then to PULL BACK INTO THE "BEAM." That's when I get the really intuitive "hits" on how or what to offer or say...or not! Sometimes it's the most empowering for me to simply listen and extend my faith in their own ability to find their own answers.