Right time, right place

I remember reading in Louise's book, Beyond Boundaries, about the woman she met at a hotel. The woman's daughter happened to meet the son of a man whom she had left behind, years ago, in Chicago. He had been her true love, but was also an alcohalic. Her daughter ended up marrying her mother's past lover's son! My "unbelieving" friends would still call it an amazing coincidence. I don't know how to explain to them that it's more than that.

"You'll never believe...."

I laugh when clients preface their telling of amazing tales of synchronicities ("the seemingly psychic timing of events") in this way. Of course I believe them.

When The Student Is Ready...

Synchronicities often entail a meaninful event that give you something you need just at the moment that you need it most. When I was just beginning to awaken to the fact that Life has a purpose I found myself looking for a book to help me get in touch with what that purpose might be.

As it turned out, I went into a store in which I had never been. I found a place upstairs where there were books. I was looking for something metaphysical but had no idea beyond that as to what I was looking for.

I found this book, "Yogi Philosophy And Oriental Occultism" by Yogi Ramacharaka [pseudonym for an English guy], and this book became my guide for many years. The fact that I found the book in Panama City, Panama made the event that much more unlikely.

Generally speaking I contend that we create our own experience, and the more centered we are the more frequently 'coincidences' occur. However, it is likely the being centered merely makes the events easier to recognize and a more pleasurable experience.

"Experience The Magic"
Jerry L. Pianka
Mountain View, CA - USA

Chicken or the Egg

Great thought there, in your last paragraph. It is a bit like the chicken and the egg, isn't it? Do events synchronize more when we are centered, or is it simply that when we are centered and "in the present," we are able to see where they were occuring all along!

Beyond Time and Space and interpretaion thereof!

Yes, it's certainly entertaining to watch events synchronize, from beyond our reference of time and space. Here's another example: a retired physicist once told met that a few years before, he had a reading with a psychic, who foresaw a future event that she interpreted this way: "I see a string of colored paper around your shoulders. You will be taking a trip to Hawaii!" Months later, he was walking down 6th Avenue in NYC, near a building that was being demolished. A long piece of string holding separated pieces of colored paper came floating down and landed on his shouders. He thought to himself, "This is what the psychic interpreted as my future trip to Hawaai!" In his linear mind, he could not believe timing, place and events that had to synchronize for that to have occurred. This didn't seem amazing to me, at all. These kind of events come in from a non-physical, non-linear dimension—from beyond time. They just float right in!

Another example

There's another example in Beyond Boundaries, the story about the girl who had secretely been sent away (paid off) by the parents of her fiance. Many years later, on a train in China, she heard the unmistakable laughter of her past fiance's sister at the back of the train. She went back to talk to her, and found out that her past love had married, and named his daughter after her. Try calling THAT a coincidence!