Experience The Magic...

I use the phrase "Experience The Magic" in my signature to express the experience of recognizing the synchronicities and 'coincidences' that occur as our lives unfold.

I admit this does not happen often enough for me, but when it does, there is no experience quite as awe inspiring. I live for the moments when I recognize the meanings behind the flow of my life.

It is in those moments that I feel I am never alone and that as long as I pay attention and stay centered, that the meaning of life becomes apparent. I may not have a goal in sight, but I have the feeling that I am on a meaningful path and am being guided through the lessons that I have been sent here to learn.

"Experience The Magic"
Jerry L. Pianka
Mountain View, CA - USA

Fewer miracles?

I second the motion, Jared! There came a time when I wondered why I seemd to be receiving fewer miracles. Then I realized that what used to be miraculous occurences had become almost daily confirmation, sent to me through a pretty Divine guidance system! It's hard to imagine life without those wonderful "road signs," sychronicities and cosmic giggles. The trick is to learn how to notice them, wouldn't you say? You suggest "staying centered." Any other ideas?

Becoming A Spiritual Warrior.

I would contend that staying centered is paramount. Any other ideas I might have tend to expound on that.

Choosing to lead a simpler life.

Daily meditation.

Seeking the company of like minded people.

Reading enlightening books...

The more energy we put into the quest for Truth in Life, the more light will be revealed. The rewards for the Spiritual Warrior can uplift ones life tremendously.

"Experience The Magic"
Jerry L. Pianka
Mountain View, CA - USA


It is so uplifting. I agree too....(although, I'm not the one to preach as I keep my life too complicated) that "smelling the roses" is what we probably really want. "Feeling Groovy." Great post!