Breaking Through The Barriers

Valuable tools to help you embrace inhibiting fears and move through old barriers. Release yourself from past patterns to allow you to live life more spontaneously and more fully in the present. Includes a meditation.

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Amazing Wisdom

The wisdom and love invested in this matterial is so beautiful! It is such a reassuring confirmation to know that this selfless self is normal, and that I dont have to depend on preconceptions or preconditions.

As I have been transitioning, there indeed has been alot of turbulance as I experience old issues. Indeed facing them has started to uncover the Blissful Oneness, and with it doubts about the future. In the past these doubts have had a stong effect on my state of being.

The guided meditation offered here was so wonderful, it has been a long time since I cleared some space within for a place to let go, and re-energizing. The energy of this place I had created disolved a few bounderies inside, linked my auratic system in a new way, and started a flow that was circular and refreshing.

This is a place I will be returning to again to dive even deeper and retain more of the essential wisdom contained in this matterial.

I am very greatful for this mediation and all who where a part of its creation and manifestation. Thankyou TW for posting, I very much enjoyed.