IAS Registration


The IAS consists of 6 consecutive weekly online sessions. The tuition fee is $120. Please make sure that you've checked out the Prerequisites and Technical Requirements for the Series before you make your payment.

You will receive an emailed confirmation of your payment, and a separate email containing a link that gives you access to the meeting room.


Your payment reserves your space in the group. When you enroll, you are agreeing to support a courteous, confidential and compassionate environment for all participants. Please show up in the meeting room on time. There are no refunds for missed classes.

By enrolling in this Series you are giving your permission to have the sessions recorded and archived exclusively for participant review.

To pay by Credit Card:

Use the following button to pay by Credit Card:

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Payment by check is also an option if you live near a Chase Bank and it's convenient to make a direct deposit, or if you have access to Chase "Quick Pay".

To pay through PayPal, use account louise@louisehauck.com.