IAS Parameters

The IAS applicant is required to have had a private consultation with Louise. (The "2-fer" consultation special can be applied upon request).

A one-on-one session serves as an orientation to her work, and to her particular style and metaphysical perspective. Every aspect of her work — including this Series — is focused consistently on empowerment and always implemented within a grounded, positive and practical framework. Meeting with Louise in a consultation is an opportunity to discern whether the priorities, intentions and goals of a prospective participant are a match for working together in the Series.

Louise's apprentices have learned to check their egos at the door. Everyone can learn to become more 'psychic.' Each individual's gifts, their way of intuiting, is highly unique and personal, and is to be valued and supported. Intuitive gifts must be used for good, to promote greater alignment and service with the Source, to contribute to the expansion of consciousness, for healing and for the enlivening of Spirit — all towards the creation of greater joy, truth and authenticity in our own lives, as well as for greater well-being in others. Louise asks that those who attend agree to support a courteous, non-competitive, confidential and compassionate environment for all participants.

A couple more things:

Psychic boundaries are important to monitor, in the same way that we all strive to maintain good physical and emotional boundaries in our daily lives. None of us want to be open to everything that's floating around out there in the airwaves! It's equally important to be respectful of the psychic boundaries of others.

Additionally, there are those with remarkable intuitive gifts that are utilized to help people in a variety of situations or with particular needs. However, there are areas of intuitive expertise that do not fall within the scope of Louise's work, nor will this kind of information be attended to in the Series.

Examples include: Finding missing persons, issues involving certain drama (yours or anyone else's) or mayhem, 'spirit release' (including a focus on 'earthbound souls' — AKA 'ghost busting'), and other paranormal fascinations that tend to distract from attending to (and moving through) life's challenges.

Also, the IAS is not a place for networking. Our mission is to sharpen our multi-sensory gifts, increase multi-dimensional awareness, and become a clearer vehicle for Spirit. It's an opportunity for everyone to practice and grow together. All for one — one for all!