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Saturday Drop-In
Soooo Much Fun!

This was soooo much fun I think we should do it again some time!

Saturday Drop-In
Relates to Being Human

One can learn so much just by listening to other's questions and your answers.. it all relates to being human I suppose - the collective experience - life death and everything in between.

Confident About "Next Destination"

RG in NV

My aunt passed last year, full of the confidence you gave her about her next destination. Your reading for her so many years ago shaped the rest of her life.

"Can You Hear Us Now, Joe?"

KJ in CH

Here's a beautifully written testimonial from a new client. She posted it her own blog site.


PS in CH

I feel such a loyalty, due to the impact you have had on me. Profound! In fact, you were one of the few connections I could suss out, back in 1987. Hard to imagine that it's been 25 years since I had my first reading. And at the age of 25, you really introduced me to something that actually made sense. That first reading set my trajectory.

You have always treated me with grace and tolerance. You have demonstrated lessons that I would have unlikely found in my life's setting at the time. For that I thank you. I've come a long way, with your teachings at the root my growth.

Measure of Reassurance

SM in CA

I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to my two session recordings with you. They give me a measure of reassurance and a sense of grounding when I listen to them. I’d like to believe that hearing the truth can have that effect on me!

Readings in the Round
Powerful Evening

A.T. in LA

Dear Louise,
I watched all your Valentines Day videos. The first session I had with you "in the round" here in LA about 12 years ago has stayed with me as a very powerful evening, and I often return to that memory as a validation of what I know to be true - that we are immortal.

Heightened Awareness

DC in CH

Louise, I have been wanting to write and thank you for my fascinating reading which I received Friday. (My contest prize). I was so excited that you were able to fit me into your schedule so quickly. This was my second reading with you and my readings continue to exceed my expectations.

Your readings help me enjoy living in in the present with a heightened awareness. I am able to keep my heart and intuition open to recognize and experience the things you have downloaded for me. It is so easy to miss the possibilities and gifts that life has to offer, and your readings give me a way to stay present and receive.

It is always enjoyable and enlivening to find myself living the present moments that you have previously shared with me. The Universe is infinitely more fun when you can receive downloads from your present, past and possible future.

Thank you for sharing your gift and being a contribution to my well being. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again in Chicago in May.

Love and light!

Right On!

LO in CA

"I've had a number of consultations with Louise as well as hearing her speak several times. What I love about Louise is the spiritual way she approaches everything. The information she gave me in my first consultation was absolutely right on ~ which was proven later ~ and changed my life in many ways. Her talks are always fascinating. Go on her website and if you resonate to what you read, then I highly recommend you arrange to have a consultation or attend one of her talks. You'll love it... and you'll love her!"

"Bingo Words!"

TG in AK

I love connecting with Louise. I especially enjoy how particular words will come "through" her when she is ‘downloading’ information, often in response to issues where I've sought direction, understanding, and sometimes comfort. My most recent consultation brought with it the word “lilac” that was exactly one of these ‘bingo’ words for me, as were many other phrases within the reading. Though I have come to expect them, it still surprises me each time this happens.

After each consultation, I am always filled with new ideas and insights and twists in my thinking that are so helpful to my journey. I also am left with a sense of great joy and gratefulness to have received them, and feeling so thankful that Louise has been given a skill wherein she can assist me in that process. I always smile when I disconnect from the call..

Thanks again, Louise, as always.